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Decency Is Not In Them

From the Cunning Realist on August 12, 2005
A lifelong conservative with a strong independent streak, I am a late-30's resident of New York City and an executive in the financial industry. I have a B.A., and an M.B.A. in International Business from Columbia University.

Even when something really outrages me, usually that outrage gives way to a bit of calm, measured thinking. With the Cindy Sheehan story, that's not the case.

If one needed any further proof that this incarnation of "Republicans" and alleged conservatives includes a faction that has gone completely and tragically over the edge, the smear campaign against Cindy Sheehan is it. For those who might not be familiar with the details of this and are looking for an accurate, factual account, a good summary appears here.

The essence of the right-wing smear machine's "outing" of Cindy Sheehan is her supposed flip-flop from supporting President Bush in 2004 to disapproving of him in 2005. As details of this have become clearer, it's obvious the flip-flop is nothing more than a canard. But setting aside the Sheehan story for a moment, have any of the shameless smearsters seen the public opinion polls recently? Here's some breaking news for them: a whole lot of Americans who supported Bush a year ago---including an increasingly large part of his "base"---have turned against him. And that includes many millions of people who haven't lost a parent, child, or sibling in Iraq.

There are so many side issues of shamelessness and crass opportunism in this story it makes my head spin. Think about the gall of a political and media machine "accusing" a private citizen of changing her mind (imagine that!) about an elected and supposedly accountable public official. When did a private citizen supposedly changing her opinion about something rise to the same level as a flip-flop about firing anyone involved in the leaking a CIA agent's name? At what point did the ability to change one's mind about a politician become something to be ridiculed and accused of instead of cherished as a basic right? And it's not as if in the past year we haven't learned anything about the pre-war manipulation of intelligence, as well as the incompetent planning, that resulted in the death of Cindy Sheehan's son and thousands of others like him.

Something else about this story that infuriates me is the vision of feckless, smarmy smearsters and cowards hiding behind keyboards in cities like Washington and New York (and yes, Miami), punching out electronic missives in a pathetic and desperate attempt to impugn the integrity of a woman sitting in the dust and August heat of Texas---a woman who, along with her dead son, embodies everything that's right about this country. The growing division between the professional class of spinning punditry and the vast expanse of Middle America that actually does the working, the fighting and the dying so the pundits can spend their time chattering has never been more clear than with this story.

If I had lost a parent, child or sibling in Iraq, I'd be right next to Cindy Sheehan sitting in that dust and heat. And I wouldn't budge until the president---ensconced within that reassuring bubble of faith, brush-clearing and mountain bike-riding---found a few moments to come listen to me. I hope as many people as possible join her protest and offer her food, water, and whatever legal or media assistance she may need.

In the meantime, it behooves the rest of us to do our part and engage in some "outing" of our own. That includes identifying and relentlessly shaming those who have become so unmoored from morality that not only have they abandoned the uniquely American ideals of accountability and sacrifice, they openly ridicule them.


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Cunning Realist,
I will do my very best to engage in some sort of outing of my own. And it will be my pleasure. Thank you for speaking as a Republican. I knew there were sane members of your party out there somewhere. I bet you don't have one flag accessory in you wardrobe. As for the flip flop strategy. Dead Dead Dead. It don't work boys. Stop using it. You remind of the guys who kept using the word meister at the end of every name two years after the joke was old.

Well Said!


How many believe Bush and the many officials are “merely helping

True conservative decency is well exemplified at last.

In a message posted below someone suggested that this web site is being "infiltrated by conservatives". If this is an example of that infiltration, I say Vive La Revolution. Bring 'em on!

That was me! It is my goal to bring this website down! I'm only 16 and I make better points then these liberals twice to three times my age.

Are you sure you're 16?

You would like that wouldn't you? I think you're a pedophile!! Just my opinion.


Well, I hope you're not talking about bringing it down as in DoS attacks or something like that. On the other hand, as long as you're respectful of the rights of others and just make points as you see them, you have every right to give it your best shot. Good luck.

No hacking!!! Strictly Politics!! Thanks!!! A decent democrat... one of the few! Thanks, again!!!

better pionts?! don't kid yourself, twerp. here's a little challenge for you. do a little reading from the key documents in the sidebar on the left, starting with the DOWNING STREET DOCUMENTS, and once you are somewhat educated, at least enough so you don't make quite such a fool of yourself, we can have a little discourse. I look forward to it. however, if all you can do is spew forth this feeble and ignorant crap, maybe your time is better spent elsewhere.

I'm proud to say that I am a flip flopper. I believed all the crap the right wing religious media put out concerning the need to elect more Republicans to office to insure freedom and decency in America. But it was a church going Baptist judge from Florida who sentenced Terri Schaivo to death by starvation. It was a Republican court of appeals in Atlanta and a Republican U.S. Supreme Court that agreed in the decision. It was a Republican U.S. Supreme Court that ruled a person's private property could be confiscated for private developement. It was the wife of a born again(?) Republican George Bush that told unspeakable and depraved things concerning hers and her husband's behavior. This in front of a national T.V. audience at a white house dinner, while the President was splitting his sides in laughter. It was the Republican President George Bush who invited satanic rocker Ozzy Osbourne to the White House not once but twice, naming the titles of this Rocker's blasphemous and satanic songs for he knew them well, saying "Mom loves your stuff." Well, we can only wonder if he was referring to his mother Barbara or his own alter ego, since he has made repeated references to the "mother in me."
However even this is too unpseakable to contemplate.
I have come to the conclusion that there is not a dime's worth of difference in the two political parties. Thay are only playing "good cop-bad cop" with us. When an ultra conservative republican senator refers to my good and wonderful colleague across the isle, you know he means what he says. We are just the fish in their nets.
When the Republican President Abraham Lincoln semt brother to slay brother, he kept his own son out of that bloody and immoral war. Not
one member of the huge Bush family has volunteered for duty in Fallujah, nor any of his cabinet. Evidently it is a "noble war" for everone except the nobles. Impeach the scoundrel.

If you want to talk about smearing... have you seen that Judge Roberts comercial. Cindy Sheehan is just a hypocritical freak. She couldn't think up any of this herself. It's all Michael Moore talking. Oh, and Vive La Revolution!!!!

You lost me when you said you were a life long conservative and then linked David Brocks Media Matters page. We all remember Brock. He used to be a conservative spin docter and then switched to the other side. He main claim to fame was that he wrote a book about all the lies he told. And he is still doing it.

I read alot and have not seen anyone claim that sheehan used to be for the war and changed. She has always been against the war, even when her son enlisted and then re-enlisted after going to Iraq the first time.

The flip flop, or lie is her account of her first meeting with Bush. You've all seen the quotes on Drudge. He truly cares, He's a man of faith, her husband saying we have a new found respect for the president.

You have also all seen her recent comments about the President, he was cold , he acted like it was a party, blah blah blah.

She also said on hardball with david gregory that she has always been against the war and that she wasn't surprised that Casey got killed because he would never hurt anyone. Of course that flies in the face of her son's volunteering for a combat rescue mission that was very dangerous and one in which he lost his life. I have heard he recieved a bronze star for his unselfish actions in combat.

I am not quite sure how pointing to past and present statements is a smear. Anymore than I am sure why David Brock doesn't address the real flip flop and trys to invent one. Other than he is still the same old David Brock.

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