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Spies, Leaks & Memos - Part II

The Sag Harbor Express
By Julie Penny

It was the CIA that prevailed upon the Justice Department to launch the investigation into the leak of Valerie Plame after Bob Novak exposed her identity in his column on July 12, 2003. Now we find that Karl Rove, Bush’s chief of staff and political advisor, and Lewis “Scooter


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Iraq War Body Count Todate.

Total coalition dead 2046.

US Soldiers dead 1852.

Iraqi deaths, best estimate 100,000.

Uncounted hundreds of thousands men, weomen and children wounded and maimed for life.

i think this is an area of discussion that needs to be expanded....i have not seen anything that infers or verifies from any source that Plame was a NOC....this raises the stakes of this investigation to a new i understood thus far , Plame was a low-level functionary with a protected covert status known to those "in the know" and thus this was not a seriously hienous outing (if there is such a thing during a WAR!) by this administration....but if as you report here she is a NOC this is an entirely different beast altogther....this would imply that(Plame)she was a more involved , informed , trained and an active intelligence asset then we have been led to that those around her have or will now also be looked at with a new slant by foriegn intelligence assets , perhaps exposing further U.S. intelligent assets...i can undestand that at this point to verify she is a NOC only ads to the problems of those assets that were around her in 2002 or still , but foriegn/domestic intel operations would long ago vetted that info so disclosure (by the CIA) at this point would do hopefully only minimal harm (please correct me if this is an incorrect line of thinking), but would greatly elevate the discussion and understanding of the real harm done , and why the cia would go to the lengths it has in its own investigation and to its request to DOJ for action/investigation by the FBI into a outing a low level cia operative is one thing , outing a NOC (considering the effort to create an alter identity ie financial cost , back history (priceless) , contacts and sources that vouched for her as kosher) is another .... if david what you reported above is true , please let this not be as far as you take this report/investigation....dig deeper for us all....perhaps this is the thread that led fitzgerld to request subpena's for cooper/miller an the secret info that convinced the fed circuit judges to grant them?....

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