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SEND CINDY HOME!!! Anyone interested in making an anti-Cindy website? Just put a reply on this comment.

I'll help.
I'll call it "Can articulate parents of kids who died for Bush's lies please shut their mouths Dot Com."

Shorten it up! Democrats don't have the attention span to remember something that long!

Time for your meds again.

I think that was taken too far... but, you started it soooo! Why don't you shut the hell up!! And lose some weight, you're probably obese.

I say send this nut home, he does not know from where he speaks! Oh yes, I say he speaks straight from Bushes lying mouth! You should be saying, "Support or Tropps, send "Them home Pronto"!

Support our troops... and SUPPORT THE LIFE THEY CHOSE. They weren't drafted! So, please, make a legitimate point!!

I do support our troops and so does pretty much everyone else that is concerned with this issue. These soldiers were LIED to from the beggining, just because you may be brainwashed and ignorant does not mean the rest of the world is. Look up the facts, stop just listening to the taliking heads out there it is obvious that we are losing this war. I don't need to make a point. I don't have to think, i'm right. when I know the truth is out there and our soldiers are dieing everyday. These soldiers many entered to serve thier country with honor, and dignity. Others were forced into this war not thru an actual draft, but thru an economic draft that this administration has caused. Don't you just love it that our president is on vacation raising more money, he has taken well over 300 days in the past 5 long hard years. while our soldiers are dieing. You tell me who is supporting our troops?

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