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Anyone know when Cindy goes on vacation? I'm going to camp outside of her vacation home and act like a moronic freak. She's the one who brought up Jesus, so I might as well say. Treat others the way you would like yo be treated. SEND CINDY HOME!!! And, make sure she pays her taxes!!!

Why should she pay her taxes?

If the government cannot prove the honesty and accuracy of the elections by which they claim authority, then you are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government's dictates nor to pay its bills.

Why would you think otherwise?

Hey, don't go off the topic. CINDY IS THE BEST!!! BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW.

The US military does not believe in surrender. It's in the soldier's creed. To pull out is an abomination... go bring them home yourself.

Because coming from a family of millionaires, I'm tired of hearing my parents telling me how all their tax dollars were wasted on your welfare check.

She'll go home when you kiss my rear end!!

Ok, where should we meet. I'm serious! I will kiss your rear if you promise that Cindy will go home. Or will you be the hypocritical liberal that you probably are, and not hold yourself to this? Tell me where and when and I will kiss your rear.

She probably doesn't get 5 week vacations like you do.

I get more like 20 or so... every Saturday, and the whole summer. I'm sixteen and a student... and I think Cindy is a moron! Oh yeah and, my family has had people over in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, what now!!!

Actually she got fired... Now she is mooching off of my taxes when she collects that unemployment check.

Keep practicing.

Can you give me lessons? I hear you're really good at it!


How do you take a vacation from the GRIEF of a dead child?!

Cindy, there are a lot of us who sincerely grieve with you and follow your story daily. We are also against this perma-war. Hopefully, your peaceful vigil will shame or encourage our politicians into taking action to end the war and impeach Bush. I pray for you!!

Is dove hunting peaceful!?!?!?

Jon Stewart's piece on The Daily Show about Cindy was FABULOUS!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, CINDY! You have a TON of support!!! Peace. :) :)

Did anyone see the 32 second fumble the con had as she tried to launch a hillary rant.

32 seconds of fumbling through papers going UUUhhhh, sorry, Uhhhh.

I almost felt sorry for the filthy thing.

She has 2000 pounds of support? I guess thats equal to about one Michael Moore. Wow... America is fat! Peace =)

to the moron that posted he's going to sit outside of Cindy's vacation know, I was almost going to try to explain the difference between her actions and your suggested actions..but you are such a FOOL that it would be useless.

and since you brought up jesus, "love your enemies" and "turn the other cheek." Maybe bush has heard these...might have prevented alot of useless violence(which is what all violence is.) But then again, these ideas wouldn't support his agendas.

(Matthew 5:22) - "But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before the court; and whoever says to his brother, 'You good-for-nothing,' shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever says, 'You fool,' shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell." By the way, I'm not angry with you...

explain it to me... and remember that Bible versus don't impress me! My mother is a minister... so give me some explanation... not a sermon.

Better yet we should follow Cindy to her mother's home and camp out there. I can't wait to see her arrested for tax evasion.

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