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The reason this story has such strong legs is that Cindy Sheehan is the only one to actually challenge, face to face, Mr. Bush on his hare-brained adventure. The rest of the world's leaders, especially the Democrats, with the occasional exception of Howard Dean, have shown scant courage in this area, despite the overwhealming anti-war sentiments shown world wide.

It escapes me that the media's (non)scrutiny of Mr. Bush's lies, ineptitude and cowardice could remain intact for so long. Instead, they thrill at the cunning and elan of the political machine that runs this admnistration.

The media is complicit and lazy...Sites like this are the only ones that serve the American public...Cindy is the first to stand up to Bush's lies... and holds him accountable. No one else has done so...
War hurts your own citizens and Cindy is making the whole world see that pain...

Terrorism hurts! Did any of your neighbors die on September 11th, like what happened in my town? Probably not, and that problem was taken care of in Afghanistan. Was your whole town gassed and murdered, like what happened to the Kurds? Definetley not, and now we are preenting that problem from happening to the Iraqis. America was strong enough to do something so we did! You need to stop believing a crazy old woman!!! Tell Cindy to GO HOME!!!! SEND CINDY HOME!!! VIVE LA REVOLUCION!!!

Bush deserted him to go find OIL FOR BLOOD in Iraq

This website is being infiltrated by conservatives. Check the blogs. No one likes Cindy anymore. No one will support with in a few months once she pulls her next freaky deaky plan.

for telling us.

I'm just going to keep liking her, though, if it's OK with you.

Nope... It's not okay!!!

Not whether you think it is OK or not>>> TRUTH is ALWAYS OK


HAhahahah!!!!! YOU wish!!!! All you guys really have are your fantasies and ideologies of control. You are too afraid to live in moment-to-moment-undefined-reality! You can't control it.

WTF..... is a moment to moment undefined reality! Too much marijauna for you, I'm 16 and even I know when to stop. Obviously not you, go back to your commune!

Check out the Project for a New American Century website

knowledge is truth...truth is power ... power in numbers is AWESOME!!!

What a beautiful sight in a very "techno-geek" kind of way.

Behold!! The New Tool of Liberty!!! World Wide Peer-to-Peer
Full-Duplex Multimedia Communications!!!

To all the Saturdaze Kidz that took the military tool (ARPANET/MILNET) and beat that "sword of war" into the "plowshare of peace" we call the PUBLIC INTERNET . . . a very heartfelt THANK YOU!!!

I know all the long hours, working on holidays away from your
families (because that was the only time we could get access to the
network and not interfere with 'business'), the "Roman Decimation" layoffs, the stress of 'making it up as you went along', the cuts in benefits, the carrying of those damn pagers and cell phones so that you could be at the "beckon call" of the "Masters" that couldn't figure out how to turn on a light switch by themselves in case the systems went down (see Dilbert comics), all the bad "fast food" you had to eat, and all the "slave drugs" you had to ingest to "keep on going" no matter if you were exhausted or sick, . . . yes, I was there in the trenches with you my friends, BUT WE DID IT!!!! We actually made it WORK!!!!

I know the Corporations did the same thing to us that they did to
the "clever fools and hard workers" that dreamed, designed and built the railroads and the telegraph/telephone systems, which was basically
throwing us out on our ears once our "usefulness" had expired or our "loyalty" was questioned, but take heart in the FACT that WE DID IT!!!

I am very proud of all my IT students and co-workers right now. :-)
Funny, we came together from all over the world, from all different
cultures, religions, economic backgrounds and political ideologies
and we seemed to get along just fine . . . and even got some really
good "party time" worked into the equation. Why can't these
"Grown Ups" do the same? Like the man said, "There are none so blind
as they that will not see." ;-)

- Pete Townsend of the The Who


Talkin' 'bout my G - G - Generation.....

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