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Meet With Your Congress Member to Ask Them to Co-Sponsor the Resolution of Inquiry

Dear DFA Organizer,

This email includes some important final suggestions for your congressional meeting this week. At the bottom, it includes information about how to report back the results of your meeting.

Primary Goals of the Meetings

1) To deliver DFA's petition calling on Congress to hold full hearings on the Downing Street Memos and whether the President misled us into war.

2) To ask your Congressperson to support Rep. Lee's Resolution of Inquiry (ROI). If passed, the ROI would require the White House and the State Department to "transmit all information relating to communication with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq."

3) To empower participants to exercise their rights as constituents and build relationships with their representatives in government. This will make us more effective activists in the future.

Before the Meeting:

1) Email everyone that's planning to attend the meeting with final logistical details about where to meet and how to contact you if they have questions.

2) Check to see whether your Congressperson supports Rep. Lee's Resolution of Inquiry. Here are the current co-sponsors:

3) If your Representative has already co-sponsored the ROI, then this is a "thank you" meeting to see how we can work together with them to support their efforts. If not, then this is a lobbying meeting and critically important to our efforts.

4) Below are one-page PDF's of the Downing Street Memo and the Resolution of Inquiry you can bring to your meeting:

At the Meeting:

1) Limit the number of people attending the meeting to 15 or so if possible, and those speaking during the meeting to 5 - 8. We won't have time for a lot of interplay until after the meeting, when anyone can say anything informally.

2) Present the Downing St. Petition and the Resolution of Inquiry to the Congressperson and give them time to look them over during the brief introductions.

3) Specifically ask if the Congressperson is willing to cosponsor the ROI, ask if not, why not, and especially ask what the Rep. needs to know or see in order to cosponsor. Determine whether the Rep. is sincerely interested in cosponsoring, or if he or she is just saying it to appease constituents.

4) Close the meeting: Thank the Congressperson or staffer for his/her time and lead the contingent out of the office.

Note: You can download other suggestions and tips for your meeting at:

After the Meeting:

1) Thank everyone that attended your meeting and ask them to follow-up with letters to the editor of local papers.

2) If appropriate, send a press release with the results of your meeting and follow-up with media contacts. Check for local media coverage the next day.

3) File your report to tell DFA and our coalition partners how your meeting went and whether your Congressperson is willing to cosponsor the ROI.

On behalf of everyone at DFA and the After Downing St. Coalition, THANK YOU!

If you have any questions about anything, please contact me at or 802.651.3200.

Chris Warshaw
Democracy for America


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