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Video of Soldier Opposing War

Melvin Phelps sent in this video (10 minutes long) from Crawford of Iraq War Veteran Spc. Fox, in uniform, laying out his opposition to the war, and describing his experiences in Iraq.

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Thank you for taking the time and the effort to speak out about what bothers you about the war. I think it is important for Americans to know that people in the military are doing their job but are finding the job futile. I think it is important for Americans to know that MANY in the military support the anti-war movement. Your little part has made a difference, rest assured. Peace.

Spc. Fox shows us through his video that he is nothing more than a scared, cowardly little boy, afraid to return to Iraq. He does not have the courage to defend America's freedoms nor to help the Iraqi people who so desperately desire freedom. His repeated whining of "I don't want to go back" reminds me of a two year old child. The military normally does an excellent job of training recruits in duty, honor and country, but this whiner slipped through the cracks and exhibits a miserable failure of training. I thank God our freedoms don't depend on him!

I thought you might be referring to that "god" that said,
"Thou shalt not kill"

Or maybe that son of man that said, "Love thy enemy."

So, did you immediately go sign up to take his place and show
us all how to to it "RIGHT??"


Go back to Sunday School. "Thou shalt not kill" (in the commandments) is a mistranslation of "Thou shalt not murder." War is not murder, the Bible gives us numerous examples of God's ordering people to defend their country in the fight against evil.

As to taking his place, he is taking mine. Been there, done that.

Put on the uniform and take his place or shut up. And by the way, I thank God our freedoms don't depend on you.

Been there, done it, so I have every right to speak about it. The video showed a coward.

From "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in my BEST Johnny Depp:


hehehe ;-)

(I urge every Saturdaze Kid that is being held prisoner in a NEO CON Fundametnalist household to use this line on the "Preacher" when
he comes to pass judgment, collect his "heaven tax, and explain to your parents why your sinful ass needs to get "sentoft" to War!!!"

Of couse, young Jedi, beware the NEO CON "Ritalin" Curse!!!)

SENTOFT - One of those "Southern" phrases usually "spelled out"
in front of children. You know, like in "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?" when the guy "R-U-N-D-O-F-T" ;-)

Once you are 18 yrs old, then you can stand-up and yell "BULLSHIT" without fear of being "sent away" or "forcefully drugged".
. . . you do risk being shot, though.

Up until then, kidz, fight the good fight, but stay cool. These
NEO CONs proved at "KENT STATE" (ask JEEVES) that they aren't
above gunning down children in this country... and the assholes
got away with it!!!!

And, as any non-WASP minority kid will tell you, they will try your ass as an adult and send you off to prison to be either "broken" or "recruited into their NEO CON SLIME WORLD."

"My Child died in Iraq!!"
"My Child died in Prison."

Thanks Rev. I wasn't aware that invading and mutilating a country that was no threat to us constitutes "defending our freedoms". Maybe you should volunteer to go over there and defend us against Iraq's war on America.

I've already walked the walk, now I'm entitled to talk the talk. If you really think that Iraq was no threat, then you must have missed 12 years of UN Resolutions, and the speeches of many prominent Democrats, including Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and John Kerry, who firmly believed that Iraq presented a clear and present danger.

I'm sick and tired of these liberal freaks. Send them home, double their taxes, do whatever it takes to get them out of the news. They whine and whine and whine. They take out mortgages and loans on everything and they try to act rich and priveleged but they're not. And yes, I believe that tax cuts should only go to millionaires. Now people are going to look at this and say I'm ranting. But, ask yourself what does Cindy Sheehan do?

Thank you, Mr. Republican, for showing the world the compassion of someone who REALLY IS rich and privileged. Must be nice to be you, especially with all the help you're getting from your good friends in the Bush administration.

It is nice... and because of my generous donations that I give to a soup kitchen in Newark, NJ several hundred homeless and needy people are able to get meals everyday. Don't judge so quickly!!!

Thank you, Mr. Every Republican, for showing the world the compassion level of those who REALLY are rich and privileged. It must be nice to be you, especially with all the help you're getting from the Bush administration.

If you did you'd find people who don't whine but act. Cindy Sheehan is acting. Spc Fox is acting. They find their country in peril and they are acting. I appreciate that the act may be infringing on you rights, perhaps you live in immediate neighborhood in Crawford, but Cindy Sheehan's rights were infringed upon tragically. She wants answers and obviously so do a lot of other people. In America whining is a right we all hold dear. That's why you have this post.

Whining isn't in the Constitution. And, how were her rights infringed upon?!?!

Like idiots? Cindy Sheehan was just fine with the war, proud of her son, and fine with the President when she met him shortly after her son's death. Now that she's being paid by the anti-war leftists she's acting all right -- in her own self-interest. Her only concern is to line her own pockets.

I'm sure the good "Reverend" would be willing to go in his place, no? Or have his son or daughter go in his place? Here's a prime example of why the religious right is SO WRONG.

I'd be glad to go back - again. I did 26 years in the military. Now my son is doing his duty for our country, without whining about it.

Do you have children there Mr. Sutter? You Rev., whom sits and preaches morality calls someone a coward? Exactly why people stay away from your hypocritical christianity. The Soldier was there, and he spoke his mind. FREEDOM, remember, including his right to speak without your backlash of name calling. Anyone who would "WANT" to go back to a war area is a child??? I am a veteran. I hope your building fund keeps getting larger as you throw spew to your masses.
Thanks Specialist Fox......Thats what America is about.

This soldier has limited freedom of speech under the UCMJ, and I, as a veteran, have freedom of speech to criticize him. Why is it that leftists only want freedom of speech for themselves, and never for anyone who criticizes them?

Do you really use that Title? Take some of the church money, get on a plane, and go to Iraq (without bodyguards of course). PREACH your thoughts to the Iraq people, especially Christianity. Haha, what a joke. Oh, by the way, use a church vehicle while site seeing, ok?

Your ignorance is showing. There are many Christians in Iraq, just over 761,000 of them. All Iraqis are being aided by Christian NGOs, who are bringing food, medicine, books, clothing and shelter supplies.

.....or rather Snake Oil Salesman.

Oh Reverend, you call yourself a man of GOD?!? Shame on you!

How can you approve of this war? I thought men of the cloth were required to get some kind of education.

What are we defending our freedoms from?
Terrorists? The people of Iraq have nothing to do with Bin Laden, a proven fact and admitted by the Bush administration. And Iraq did not attack us.
WMD's? Where and why haven't they found any?

No, I think we need to defend our freedoms from the Bush II administration and civil rights-revoking laws disguised with benevolent names like The Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind.

Wait, I bet you approved of those, too.

Let's see you back up your claim of loss of rights by citing a finalized court case where the court ruled that Constitutional rights have been violated. Can't do it, can you? Not a single one. I hear this whining from leftists all the time, yet they never have anything with which to back it up.

BTW, for those living in a cave, Saddam was indeed supporting terrorism, with the camp at Salmon Pak, where he was training, housing, paying and supplying Palestinian terrorists. There has never been any dispute over that. There also has never been any dispute over his paying the families of Pallie suicide bombers. Or of his campaigns of genocide against the Kurds and Shiites. 300,000 dead from his genocidal campaigns, countless dead from his support of terrorists. I'm sure you'd rather that tyrants like that get a medal, but at least the newly freed Iraqis will make sure he gets what he deserves.

For all of you with your big mouth comments criticizing this young man who has seen and done what no one should ever have to, are any of you in the military? Have you gone to Iraq? If not, why not?
Go right now. I cannot believe the crap that I read in response to his video. You all are blind, and one day, when you see, you will wonder how you could be so heartless, so cruel, so naive.

I cannot believe all of the crap I read here in response to Spc. Fox's video. No one should ever have to see or do what he has been asked to see and do. No one. For all of you who say this, are you in the military? Have you gone to Iraq? If not, why not? Go NOW.
Put up or shut up. One day you will wonder how you could be so cruel, so heartless, so naive. Go on. Enlist. Go to Iraq.
Show us how it's done.

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