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No Legal Basis To Be in Iraq: Sread the Word!!

I strongly urge We the People to read (on google, etc) the Iraq War Resolution
aka PL (Public Law) 107-243, Oct. 16, 2002. You'll find there is NO LEGAL Basis
now (if ever) for having troops in Iraq. Nor any mention of authority to occupy
or nation-build, etc. now. This, plus the new Congress, give us a solid basis to act.

Only Congress, per the Constitution, is authorized to declare and fund wars.
In the resolution, Congress authorizes the President to use our Armed Forces
to: (1) defend the national security of the US against the continuing threat
posed by Iraq; and (2) enforce all relevant UN resolutions regarding Iraq.

The relevant sections that refer to the continuing threat to US national security
and world peace, refer to weapons of mass destruction and possession of chemical,
biological, and nuclear weapons & supporting/harboring terrorist organizations by Iraq.
These have all been shown to be lies, & while they may have been plausible to some
in 2002, they are not viable in 2007. For Congress to continue to let known, serial
liars in the Administration continue war in our names is criminal, impeachable behavior.

Why is this so important? Well, since there is no legal authority to be in Iraq, and
assuming we respect the Rule of Law and the US Constitution, then inescapably,
we MUST get out of Iraq Now/ASAP, or else Congress must pass a new resolution
of war (not likely now).. and if Congress fails to act, then We the People must
hold them accountable, by Impeaching all members, both Democrats & Republicans,
including the President and Vice-President, who continue to back these illegal activities.

This is not idle speculation: it is required under the Constitution, but is only doable now once the new Democratic Congress is in place. And it will only happen if We the People demand it, through widespread, grassroots efforts, by many individuals & media outlets.

We Need Your Help!!! Help to spread the word, to your email & blog networks/friends,
and to Talk shows, print and other media, so that Congress cannot ignore the People.

Remember: We cannot stay in Iraq, because it is ILLEGAL to do so, therefore, we Must
get out ASAP, or violate the rule of law & the US Constitution. Such continued violations would lead to chaos & a break down in society, thus it is intolerable. Bush has no more authority to remain in Iraq, nor to increase forces there, and he & his administration cannot be trusted, as they are known serial liars. Congress could pass another war resolution, but to do so now would be inconceivable & would subject them to impeachment for recklessly endangering our constitution, troops, budget & security, and for needlessly giving up their constitutional war powers, again. If Bush fails to act lawfully, THEN the Congress needs to impeach him, cut off funds, & be accountable to the People.

The Issues are, to recap: the Iraq war resolution gave Bush limited power to use our
Armed Forces, namely to protect our national security from the state of Iraq from the
alleged threats of chemical, biological, & nuclear weapons, etc. Neither these weapons
nor threats exist, nor does the state of Iraq under Sadaam (both dead). Therefore,
there is No Legal Authority to continue our forces in Iraq, and they must be pulled out.
There is nothing in the Public Law/resolution about an Iraqi occupation, nation building,
or war forever. So, Congress must act & we the People must hold them accountable.

When Mr. Bush declared that hostilities were over on that air carrier photo op, that is
when the resolution became void. However, the previous republican Congress went along with all that their party leader, and Mr. Rove wanted. For the new Congress to allow any more expenditures for war related activites in Iraq would be a dereliction of their Constitutional duties, and it's up to We the People to assure this will not stand.

Please give this your highest priority,as both Congress and Mr. Bush are planning other
additional expenditures and expansions of forces, both illegally, very soon, in Iraq. So fellow citizens & patriots, spread the word, tell your friends, family, media, talk shows, email lists, letters, etc etc.
If not you, who? If not now, when?

Thank You Very Much,

Paul Revere1

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Your an idiot if you believe this gibberish, the Iraqi's were a threat to us, they were developing nuclear technology and when the U.N. wanted to send inspectors into Iraq, Hussen denied them, that right there is enough reason to invade and destroy the government, not to mention that he discriminated amungst his people and was CONVICTED OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, we had evidence of this before we invaded Iraq and prosicuted him. The nuclear tech was moved to Iran during the months we were preparing to attack. You are more ignorant that the people who spread propoganda in countries such as cuba, venusuela, and Iran.

us there Einstein, how exactly is developing a NUKE vs actually having one a threat to us? HOW were the Iraqis going to deliver that Nuke ONCE DEVELOPED? Oh I know, they could load that baby up on Ahab's Camel and bring it over, or were they going to attach it a carrier pigeon and send it to Washington to drop on the WH? BTW, since when is discrimination (your word) against people justification to invade and occupy a country, killing more than 650,000 of its citizens. If it were, the US would be in deep do do, we have been discriminating against people since the first day the Pilgrims stepped off the boat, Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanics, woman, gays, Irish immigrants, Chinese immigrants, Italian immigrants, etc, etc and by the way conservative Republics are still pushing their brand of hateful discrimination (DOMA,etc). Stop listening to FAUX Noise, Rush and the other Reich wing nuts, try educating yourself so you can think for yourself instead on posting Reich wing BS here. If not believing ANYTHING the Bu$h Admin Lier's say makes me an Idiot, I proudly wear the title!
Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official...
~Theodore Roosevelt~

wow you need to move to canada, if you believe some having a nuclear wepon is not a threat you are a real idiot. Why would someone develop a nuclear wepon with nothing to fire it with? exactly they wouldnt. If they dont have the missle technology, they have terrorist to smuggle the bomb from mexico into the U.S., thanks to an unsecure border. Yes we did discriminate people back in the gap, but we did not gas them for enforcing their rights to speak. WE DID NOT COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. We are not to blame for the civilians dead, the former Iraqi dictator is to blame. You are the one who needs an education and stop making up lies to make youeself feel better about yourself.
While I appreciate your efforts, I'd say the word's already out that the whole war process in Iraq, etc. is illegal and unjustified, especially since a 911 Reichstag Fire and Blair's phony documents were used to instigate the attack on Iraq.
The main problem is that Congress keeps non-performing and giving Bushfraud his way. They simply refuse to stop giving him war money funding and ignore the outcry of the people and won't stand up to him.
Nevertheless you are right to keep repeating the resounding chorus of millions since it cannot be overstated.
The mainstream bought-off corporate media is operating more as a military function alongside the military, particularly alongside operation NORTHCOM which is reportedly with CNN. They have done drills with police agencies in the U.S. for martial law preparedness, especially nuclear terror drills which may go "live".

Will somebody please explain to me how the iraq war is illegal, we have the evidence that Sadamm is defying the world and developing nuclear technology, He commited crimes against humanity, which he was convicted of, and hanged. So what has America done wrong in invading iraq.

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