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Breaking News - Reality Hits Camp Casey

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By Scott Galindez

Monday 15 August 2005
9:50 PM

Reality Hits Camp Casey

The last 10 minutes have been very difficult here. I am at the Peace House editing video. First came a phone call that someone drove their vehicle over the Arlington West Crosses at the camp. I will head out to the camp now to get more details.

Within minutes one of the volunteers logged on to a website and learned that her friend was killed in Iraq. She burst into tears, Cindy was sitting across the room and immediately moved over to comfort her. What a reality check.

UPDATE 1:15 a.m. EDT
From the AP report from Denton record Chronicle:
Late Monday, a pickup truck tore through rows of white crosses that stretched about two-tenths of a mile along the side of the road at the camp. The crosses bore the names of fallen U.S. soldiers. No one was hurt.

Audio Link to Air America report
Photos Available Here

LINK TO ORIGINAL for updates.

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Last Saturday, the 13th, I watched the media report that there were two groups in Crawford, Texas---the anti-war group and the group that supports Bush and the troops.

I agree with what you are doing. It would be good if you guys would take this false issue created by the media that you do not support the troops by writing on your signs something that indicates that you support the troops but not Bush; or support Bush does not equal support the troops, etc.

May God bless you and keep you strong.

Stokesdale, North Carolina

What did Nixon used to say??? When the going gets tough the tough get going....

but we can't replace this woman's friend... And sadly, now we have to add yet another cross...


Iraq disaster has cost more and more, thousands of lives.

What is the useless Iraq war based on lies and Iran war based on lies doing to stop AL-QUAEDA, and the people who brainwashed them?

"Sakra claimed that he helped the militants who involved the 9/11 Attacks. Sarka said: “I provided them passport and other things.

If you really want to stack up a bunch of new knowledge about 9/11 quickly, check out Painful Deceptions at this site.
Yes, impeachment is way overdue, and not just of our government, though they are the ones we can influence directly though our constitution.

Painful Deceptions can be streamed or downloaded. Please check it out. This is a time when US citizens really need be informed about the forensic evidence surounding 9/11. It lies at the core of this whole mess, and all the lies that have been propagated since that awful day. You won't hear about it in the mainstream media:

I certainly hope no one ran over those crosses on pupose because that is absloutely disgraceful...

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