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Ode To Cindy Sheehan

Ode To Cindy Sheehan (text) (audio version)

Will Cindy Sheehan's Crawford encampment prove to be a tipping point? Will her Texas standoff with George Bush inspire an antiwar activism growth spurt? The answer to both questions is a definite maybe. But whatever happens, we owe Cindy Sheehan a debt of gratitude, and I owe her this Ode:

Ode To Cindy Sheehan
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The mother of a soldier dead
Has Dubya running scared.
Her very name fills Bush with dread.
Face Sheehan? Dub don't dare.

She's camped outside Dub's pseudo-ranch,
In Crawford's daunting heat.
Her mission's clear: She will not leave
Till she and Dubya meet.

An inspiration to us all,
This gal has guts to spare.
She speaks out for the troops that fall,
While Bush hides in his lair.

She needs to find a reason why
Her son's alive no more.
Like many, she just doesn't buy
Dub's reasons for this war.

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Responds To Right Wing Smear; and Grieving Mother's War Protest Draws
Notice. Take care and thanks! Mad

Madeleine Begun Kane, Humorist & Song Parodist

(Notables Blog)

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If Bush meets with Cindy, then I expect him to meet with EVERY single American that has a concern to express to him. And I mean EVERY American. Nobody should be left out. If one person gets to talk to Bush, everybody should. Also, if Cindy gets to speak to Bush all other politicians and corporate leaders should follow the example. The Constitution should also be ammended to state that the president must meet with any American that desires a personal meeting. This ammendment could actually be an extenstion of the one that requires the State of the Union Address. It's not so crazy. The internet is a very powerful tool that could be used for scheduling requests.

Cindy , is a women who has been hurt by Bush's lies, she lost her son....and a good percentage of America knows it. She is one.....but stands for ALL the soildiers and families that have been hurt by the war. Many who don't hide thier heads in the sand and face the facts, knew Bush would be taking us to war just as soon as he could arrange it after he was elected. There are many unanswered questions about the hidden truths behind 9=11 and all those people lost. Bush pointed a convenient finger in the direction that he and his pals wanted to be addressed. He wanted to and did go back to "Finish Daddy's War " , but the whole point is ....what does he stand to lose ? Where is his girls, and friends, and family members ....Safe away from the War !!!
If you think Cindy has NO right......then you are one of Bush's friends...or just plain stupid...and not seeing the facts and truths as they realy are. Cindy is one.....that stands up and is counted for all the very many. God Bless her courage and strength. At least she had the courage to stand up for what she believes...... Too bad so few of Americans do.

I am no politician's friend. I choose my issues. I agree with Bush on some issues, and disagree on others. I no longer believe that we went to war for a just cause. I do not believe that Mr. Sheehan's death was noble. However, I do not Cindy is so special that she should be able to cause a big scene and the meet with the president. And we do have people who are supposed to speak for many. They are called senators and representatives. There are many to choose from... some are jackasses, some are big dopey elephants, and some actually think for themselves.

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