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Ask Lance to Meet With Cindy

Next weekend, Lance Armstrong is scheduled to do a bike ride with noted
professional bike rider ($400,000/year) George Bush. This is the Lance
Armstrong who said on the day he won the Tour de France: "The biggest
downside to a war in Iraq is what you could do with that money. What does a
war in Iraq cost a week? A billion? Maybe a billion a day? The budget for
the National Cancer Institute is four billion. That has to change." The
Lance Armstrong who knows the meaning of death, having cheated it himself.
What a powerful message it would send, and what a powerful blow against the
war, if he were to meet with Cindy Sheehan while he is in Crawford - quite
probably something that would have more effect on the American public than
if Bush were to break down and meet with her (and spend the hour spouting
his usual platitudes).

Alas, I have no idea how to get this message to Armstrong. After some
searching around on the web, I came up with email addresses for the Lance
Armstrong Foundation (, and for Lance's coach
Carmichael Training Systems ( The latter has already
responded to me and suggested that the Foundation is the best bet, but no
doubt there are other approaches as well. If anyone has any ideas, add them
in the comments; if not, I suggest at the least emailing the Foundation to
urge them to help achieve their goals by urging Lance to do what he can to
stop the war and the wasteful spending that goes along with it.

Yes, Armstrong was wrong to say that the money is the "biggest downside" to
the war; the deaths and serious injuries to tens of thousands of Iraqis,
Americans, and others is surely more significant, and I suspect Armstrong
would agree if asked about his wording. But, be that as it may, he is still
someone who understands the damage the war is doing. Let's figure out how to
get him to meet with Cindy Sheehan!

Eli Stephens
Left I on the News

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Armstrong makes enough money (via endorsements) that he will not push Bush. Indeed, if Armstrong had any real sense about the war, he wouldn't meet with Bush, and he would explain to the media why he wouldn't meet with Bush. It's not worth the effort to put much stock in Armstrong.

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