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What's worse — steroids or war?

York Daily Record (Pennsylvania)
Monday, August 15, 2005

Rep. Platts' concern about the possibility that baseball player Rafael Palmeiro lied to Congress was front-page news on Aug. 6. He said Congress has an obligation based on integrity to investigate whether Palmeiro knowingly lied.

Does Mr. Platts feel the same obligation to investigate the statements President Bush and his administration made to Congress that led to our invasion of Iraq? The recently released Downing Street memos ( add even more credibility to the idea that the president lied to take our country to war.

While the Palmeiro case is serious, it pales in comparison to the Iraq war, which has already cost 1,826 soldiers' lives, injured thousands more, cost billions and has no end in sight.

Surely Mr. Platts should feel the same concern to investigate whether President Bush knowingly lied about Iraq. I hope he will join the 42 representatives in Congress co-sponsoring HR 375, calling for an inquiry into Iraq war planning.




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That's what.

Pat Long's article in the York (PA)Daily Record of 8/15 hit the nail on the head. Its revolting that congress puts energy into investigating steroid use, but ignores taking action on the patent lies and blatant deception given to congress by the president about our purported need to go to war in Iraq. The Downing Street Memo and other reports exposed those lies.

It's always been revolting to me that they strung up Nixon for spying on the other party, and strung up Clinton for taking an unauthorized sex break in the office and finding new uses for cigars--really earth shaking things. Now we have contrived deception, irresposibility and ineptness by a president that has deadly serious consequences, that cost people (our troops and Iraqi men, women, and children) their lives, permanent debilitating injuries, and billions of dollars in inept wasted spending--and focus on steroid use by million dollar athletes is deemed by congress a more worthy pursuit.

We cannot let a president get away with doing these things; and we cannot let congress allow a president to get away with these things. It sets a tragically destructive precedent, and besides that it will cause the country to go to hell.

String 'em up with impeachment, and do the two blockheads at once because Cheney is pulling the strings anyway. Congress-persons are the only ones that can do it, and we need to let them know that's what we want, or they can forget about getting re-elected in 2006.

Most in Congress have already sold themselves out to this administration; they have foolishly behaved as if they personally work for this president and his corporations. But you are right!! The tide is turning against these "false gods" as more and more Americans are feeling the damage they have incurred as a result of lies and pay offs by their "leaders?". After Downing Street Org. and THE PEOPLE, through their support, must have the firm resolve of Cindy Sheeham. And if the Democrats won't step up to the plate - and STAY there until they score for THE PEOPLE - then maybe it's time to introduce more Independents into the Congressional Race.

Thank goodness somebody finally pointed out that sports issues have absolutely no place in congress or on the political page. Sports are entertainment and only that.

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