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Bush Gets Look At Protesters Near His Ranch

Bush Gets Look At Protesters Near His Ranch
By Tony Peyser

A grieving Mom wants to know
Why her son had to die
A black Surburban kicks up dust
As it quickly passes her by.

Cindy Sheehan sweats in the sun
To give hope to me and you
Vacationing Bush raised millions
At a neighbor’s barbecue.

The windows in Bush's motorcade
Have all have been darkly tinted
Perhaps that's why he's unaware
A new Rosa Parks has been minted.

It wasn't wise from day one
For the president to ignore
A Mom who's now a folk hero
To millions who are anti-war.

Tony Peyser provides daily poems and weekly cartoons for BuzzFlash and also writes the new BuzzFlash column, "Blue State Jukebox." He was a daily cartoonist for the L.A. Times from 1994 to 1997. You can contact Tony via email at


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Cindy Sheehan is in a position to change the history of the United States of America. She has broken through all those barricades this regime so methodically placed in the path of progress in preventing any chance of anti war protesters ever gaining ground during this time since the unprovoked and unwarranted attack against Iraq. Bush cannot prevent the media from reporting this news: this righteously indignant American mother whose son died for no reason other than he was caught up in that trail of death and destruction that follows in the wake of Bush and his nazis since the day of the coup d' etat--the first one, I mean, when they seized the White House and started to enact what was planned long before that black day in our history. It was already planned to attack and occupy Iraq, and 9/11 was part of that plan, executed to gain support for any and all evil deeds that were going to follow. After Iraq on that list is Iran. After that it will be another middle eastern country, then asian countries, then it will be all the countries of the world. That is what evil in action is and we have failed to stop this evil in it's tracks. Gradually, like the heat under a pan of water that a frog has been placed inside of where the frog doesn't know he is being cooked for dinner until it is far too late, so American citizens have been. Unsuspecting and so unaware, so willingly blind, deaf, and mute except when reacting to a buzzword like abortion, Pavlovian style, having allowed themselves to be brainwashed with propaganda delivered by the media owned by Bush and his nazis, we have all been dragged along in a downward spiral. I am heartened by Cindy's courage and perserverance. We now can and we now must protest that war as loudly and long as it takes--this is the only way to honor Casey Sheehan, and to honor his mother who is the only true hero to come along in a century at least. This woman is the perfect example of what an American citizen should be. She is the perfect example of what a leader should be. She is, in other words, the direct opposite of George W. Bush and his ilk. She has the power to mobilize and center this country, poised and able to take our country back. No need to worry about the Sheeple--any old wind that blows can sway the weak minded and dim witted. Here is what I would say to the 'Christian' right: Until you establish yourselves in total protest of war--all war--and dedicate as much energy and time to that cause no one can believe that you are pro life. You cannot declare that an unborn fetus should be treated with reverence and sanctity of human life while our 18 and 19 year old children can be sent to die for nothing--as if there could ever be a reason good enough for us to kill and be killed in a bloody political chess game run by cowards who dodged the draft when it was their turn to fight and die in the bloody war before the one they started--as though their lives have no meaning or validity or value. How could it ever be reconciled that you are against abortion but for war? You cannot have your cake and eat it, too. You cannot have it both ways. No abortion, no war.If you insist on war then abortion is a far kinder choice for all those who would stand poised at the beginning of their lives only to be sent off to be used as cannon fodder. Life is life, death is death. A war monger cannot be a champion for the right to life. Calling yourself a Christian while aligning yourself with George W. Bush is like saying you are a Christian while marching in Satan's army--no, wait! That is not like saying you are a Christian while marching in Satan's army--it IS saying you are a Christian while marching in Satan's army, as you follow his head demon, George W. Bush, straight through the gates of Hell. You either are a Christian or you are not a Christian. You cannot serve Christ and march along behind the devil at the same time folks! You've got to choose, and choose now. Which are you going to follow? Your choice lies in whether or not you support or oppose war starting with the one in Iraq.

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