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Kasich Shows Respect For Cindy Sheehan


John Kasich covered the Sheehan story respectfully on Heartland, 8/13/05 which was an extremely refreshing change after most everyone on Fox News found a way to discredit her. The debate guests were Dolores Kesterman and Alex Blekensmith who also had no trouble discussing their differences calmly.

Dolores Kesterman appeared on The Factor last week and really stood up to O'Reilly. Another grieviving Mom, Kesterman has no problem standing up for herself and Cindy Sheehan. She told Kasich that it was time for the Iraqis to show how much their freedom means to them by taking the responsibility so our troops can come home.

When Kasich asked Kesterman if she thought this war was for nothing, Kesterman made a comment that obviously annoyed him. Stating that she didn't want to get so political, she told Kasich that she believed the war was about oil. Kasich immediatly cut the conversation with Dolores and went over to the other guest although normally he would never be so abrupt.

Alex Blekensmith thought that the best way to honor the dead would be to support the effort while it was still going on. Then Kasich suggested that it's healthier that we are talking about this openly which happened because of Cindy Sheehan's actions.

Kasich then explained kindly to Kesterman that when he was a Congressman, decisions about war were always motivated by what was good for the Country. It might have been easier to lash out at her for making a comment that upset him but he handled it with dignity instead.

comment: An hour earlier Fred Barnes dismissed Sheehan calling her a "crackpot" on the Beltway Boys.Throughout the week she's been called names and discredited by most of the Fox commentators. John Kasich did the right thing and I thought it was important to mention it.



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