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The President and Cindy Sheehan

(CBS) This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
So what do you think? Should President Bush take an hour out of his vacation to sit down for a chat with Cindy Sheehan?

Sheehan is the mom whose son was killed in Iraq and has chosen a roadside in Crawford, Texas as a platform for her protest. Sheehan says she just wants to ask the president some questions. She wants to know why her son died?

Is she entitled to an audience? The president has visited plenty of parents. He’s visited with many wounded. But, does a woman whose politics is not aligned with his, whose view of the war is in direct opposition, does she deserve a hearing?

We know the president is busy. He’s made a number of politicking and policy trips since his vacation began. He’s been visited by Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice. He’s also found time to go mountain biking and went to one of the regional Little League playoff games.

Meanwhile Cindy Sheehan maintains her vigil. Hers is not the voice of a celebrity or politician. It’s the voice of a woman who has sustained an injury that cannot be healed. She’s had something taken from her in a manner that in her eyes cannot be justified. The president says he’s aware of the anguish. He says Mrs. Sheehan has all the rights in the world to voice her opinion, to protest. Does she deserve an audience? Should she have the chance to have a face to face meeting, to look the president straight in the eye, to look into his heart.


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Cindy has placed Bush in a moral checkmate. She might being playing dumb like a fox by saying she only wants to ask him some questions, but she knows he can't respond to her challenge. She has become the embodiment of the truth, and Bush dare not confront her because he knows his lies have been exposed. Bush will do what all cowards do..avoid the truth.
Bush continues in his denial. Whether he can admit it or not his Iraqi adventure was lost when he changed the reason for invading Iraq from WMD's to democracy building. Yeah, freedom's on the march alright!...Anybody care to quantify or articulate the concept of freedom?

Given what's known about Cheney's directives to draw up plans to attack Iran in the event of another 9/11 type event, given the pressure on the administration has been building with plamegate, spiraling poll numbers, and embarrasing war moms saying come on out and talk like a man, given that DOD has directed that plans be drawn up for war plans on our own soil, given that the PNAC neocons will be in and out of the ranch all month, I suspect that this is no vacation, this is the prelude to nuclear attack on Iran. following that convenient terrorist act.

you are so right!

Does Cindy deserve an "audience?" How about a meeting, a talk, a tete a tete, or whatever. Goerge is the president -- not the king.

Besides the *obvious* reasons..if he meets with her , then what is to stop other people from doing the same thing while he is on his so-called numerous "vacation(s)"?

Not saying it is right, but it is probably just the way he and his advisors probably see it.

Bushes numbers way down
time to wag the dog.

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