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St. Patrick's Four Trial - Federal Conspiracy Trial of Civilian Anti-War Activists

September 19, 2005 - Binghamton, NY Federal Court

Two days before the beginning of "Shock and Awe" four concerned
citizens went to their local military recruiting station to say no to
the war. They acted in the spirit of non-violence and civil
resistance, pouring their own blood in the lobby of the recruiting
center. They then knelt and prayed. They were later tried in
Tompkins County Court. Nine of the twelve jurors voted for
acquittal. Despite this overwhelming majority to acquit, the Federal
government has decided to bring new charges against them. If
convicted, they could face up to six years in prison, a period of
probation, and fines of up to $250,000 each.

Who: Peter De Mott, Danny Burns, Teresa and Clare Grady

When : Begins Monday - Sept. 19th, 2005 - through the week

Where: Federal Court, 15 Henry St., Binghamton, NY

Contact: (607) 273-7437


"It is not only [the juror's] right, but his find the
verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and
conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the
court" John Adams-1771 or (Fully Informed Jury Association)

a) send us your media contacts - email & phone #'s
b) Journalists to cover the story during the week of the trial
c) News articles leading up to the trial
d) Letters to the editor in local papers

b) funds for trial support, travel expenses for expert witnesses, etc.
c) funds for hospitality for those coming from out of town
d) food or funds for meals - providing lunch and dinner for 150
or so each meal during the week
e) checks can be made to: Ithaca Catholic Worker - memo: St.
Patrick's Four P. O. Box 293, Ithaca, NY 14850
f) Donations can be made online at

a) Meetings and meals @ Christ Episcopal Church-across the
street from the Federal Court House.
b) trial starts on Monday will probably continue through the week.
c) attend in the courtroom and outside the courthouse
d) volunteer to help serve the people coming
e) call ahead to let us know if you will be attending or connect
through the web site.

a) call or email if you'd like to help with outreach especially
in the 5 counties from which the jury pool will be drawn, (Chenango,
Otsego, Tioga, Broome, Delaware
Counties) 607-273-7437
b) we need help leafleting, collating and bannering.
c) Leaflets can be downloaded at
d) we need help selling bumper stickers and yard signs.
e) sign the letter of support

a) help us contact your churches, universities & organizations
b) Our suggestion is to forward this email message to your email
lists who would be interested, as an introduction to the St. Pat's 4,
and then send your lists of email contacts to David Quinn-Jacobs who
manages the St. Patrick's Four web site.

Below is a letter from David Quinn-Jacobs explaining the process:
"You can help our international grassroots campaign to raise
awareness and support money prior to St. Patrick 4 trial. We would
like to collect email addresses to which we can send news updates,
volunteer and donor requests, etc. Collecting addresses in a central
location will help ensure that people do not get multiple messages
coming from all directions, and it will allow them to be removed
easily from the list if they do not want to receive more emails."
I am asking everyone who can to send a list of email addresses for
friends, family and potentially sympathetic acquaintances to
me. There are a lot of people both within and outside of the Ithaca
/Binghamton area who I am sure would lend a hand if they were aware
of what is happening. I will sort the addresses, remove duplicates
and put them in a database for the St. Pat's Four support campaign."
I will be careful to preserve people's privacy. I will send all
messages using the BCC feature so that addresses on the list are not
available to anyone else. After the campaign I will see that the
list is destroyed to ensure that it will not be used for any other campaigns."
Regarding format, I'll take them in whatever format is easiest for
you. Ideally: first, last, email, each entry on a separate
line. Email message, spreadsheet, or whatever is easiest for you. If
you can supply physical address info, great, but it is not necessary.
Even if you only have a handful of email addresses, they're very welcome!"
Dave Quinn-Jacobs
Ithaca, NY

Also join us every evening after the trial @ 7 pm for a Citizens'
Tribunal on the Iraq War across from court @ Christ Episcopal Church
A 5-night tribunal to articulate the legal, moral, and historical
defense for civil resistance to this illegal war.
CONFIRMED: Ray McGovern, Medea Benjamin, Camilo Mejia, Kathy Kelly,
John Bonifaz, Cindy Sheehan, Jimmy Massey, Liz McAlister, U.S. Rep.
Hinchey and others.
September 18, Sunday @ Christ Episcopal Church, a "Festival of Hope"
to kick off the trial!
A day of sharing faith, hope, music, food and community!

Check for more info and please sign on
to the letter of support.

Mary Anne Grady Flores
514 North Plain St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 273-7437


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The Patriot Act in action. Protecting us from descent.

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