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Rally outside Henry Waxman's Office Dec. 20, 11 AM - 1 PM

Bring Signs & Join Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, Topanga Peace Alliance, Palisadians for Peace, Santa Monica Peace Table, Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Santa Monica Peace Club

Wed., Dec. 20, 11 AM - 1 PM
In Front of Congressman Henry Waxman's Office
8436 West Third Street, Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(On Third, Just East of La Cienega)

Urge Waxman to Take a Leadership Role in Bringing our Troops Home Now
Demand Waxman Pledge to Vote against the Next 150-Billion Dollars for Iraq
Ask Waxman to Sign on to HR4232,
Congressman McGovern's bill to cut funding for the Occupation

For more info on the peace march, contact:

Suggestions for Signs
Waxman, Cut $$$for Occupation
Waxman, Not Another 150-Billion
Waxman, Why Aren't You a Co-sponsor of HR4232?
Pelosi Pledges $$$$ for Bush's War, Not You, Too, Henry
Iraq War: 2-Billion Per Week, $11-Million Per Hour
How Much More $$$ for Oil War?

Adopting an inside/outside strategy, some activists will meet inside with Waxman's staff while others march outside Waxman's office. An aide for Waxman told us the Congressman hasn't decided yet how he will vote on the next supplemental war appropriations bill. But remember, in 2002 Waxman voted for the Iraq War Authorization bill, unlike 133 other members of Congress who opposed a US invasion of Iraq. Since 2002, Waxman has voted for almost every supplemental funding bill. Enough is enough!

Let's give Waxman the support he needs to stand up to the Democratic leadership. Though the mid-term election was a referendum on the Iraq War, House Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi says the Democratic Party leadership will support continued funding of the occupation. Protest this outrage.

You do not have to live in Waxman's 30th Congressional District to join us on Wednesday. Tell Waxman you want him to use his great influence to talk to others, both in the Democratic leadership and in the Southern California delegation, to end funding for the occupation.

Can't make it?
FAX Waxman
(323) 655-0502
(202) 225-4099

CALL Waxman
(323) 651-1040 (phone)
(818) 878-7400 (phone)
(310) 652-3095 (phone)
(202) 225-3976 (phone)
FAX Pelosi

CALL Pelosi

Or Contact Your Congress Member

Sample Fax

Dear _________________:

The Democrats took back Congress because an overwhelming majority of Americans want the US occupation of Iraq to end. Now, we demand the Democratic Party leadership act responsibly to cut funding for this senseless occupation.

Respect the will of the people. Vote NO on the next
150-billion-dollar Iraq supplemental war appropriation bill.
Co-sponsor Congressman McGovern's HR4232.

HR4232 would end all funding for the deployment of US troops to Iraq.
HR4232 would provide for the safe and orderly withdrawal of US troops.

How many more thousands of Americans and Iraqis have to die before
the Democrats refuse to fund Bush's war? Cut the funding now.




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