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Air America Phoenix Goes to Crawford

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If you really wanted to honor your son, who was not SENT to war by anyone, but rather VOLUNTEERED FOR DUTY, you would stand for what HE believed in. You mention in your canned, scripted messages to the media that it's not a politcal choice involved here, but you certainly have made it that way by aligning yourself with liberals against our administration that VOTED to go to war. Think about this: Just be an American, and American's stand for FREEDOM and FREEDOM isn't free. Your son knew that, but chose to fight for what was right. Don't sell him out or what he has done for millions of people will lose the significance that he ultimately thought was more important than his own life. He was selfless, and you are being selfish.

Wow, glad you got the memo with all the talking points in it. "Freedom isn't free..." Sheesh. So original. You've been watching way too much Faux t.v.

And BTW, the administration "voted" to go to war? It was supposed to be an act of Congress, and if I remember correctly, this president went around everybody and just did what he wanted. Talk about selfish. Oh, and remember, it's not a war now. It's a global struggle against violent extremism. Or is it a war again today? Can't remember, there's so much "flip-flopping" going on...

Shut your mouth you neo-con cretin, piece of shit...

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