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Video: Impeachment on Fox News

Silence shifts to conflict, as the impeachment movement advances. Hannity and Colmes take on Elizabeth Holtzman and David Swanson on the topic of impeaching Bush and Cheney:

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As David Swanson and Elizabeth Holtzman both attempt to point out, despite Sean Hannity's protestations, impeachment is in the Constitution for a reason and that reason is accountability. Ms. Holtzman is correct to say that investigations should take place and if those investigations should prove that impeachment is warranted [as well as it should] then the case should then be made why Bush, and hopefully Cheney, should be tried and thrown out of office for high Crimes and Misdemeanors, which should certainly include invading and occupying a country that was never even remotely considered a threat to these United States. If only there was a provision in the Constitution that would allow politicians to be thrown in jail for a very long time for causing the needless deaths of Iraqis and Americans for absolutely no justifiable reason.- Erroll

In short this is how it went:


Count One: Conspiracy to Wage Aggressive War
This count helped address the crimes committed before the war began, showing a plan to commit crimes during the war.

Count Two: Waging Aggressive War, or "Crimes Against Peace"
Including “the planning, preparation, initiation, and waging of wars of aggression, which were also wars in violation of international treaties, agreements, and assurances.”
Count Three: War Crimes
These were the more “traditional” violations of the law of war including treatment of prisoners of war, slave labor, and use of outlaws weapons.
Count Four: Crimes Against Humanity
This count involved the actions in concentration camps and other death rampages.


It's only political because he makes it that way by insisting that it be a political issue. I could do the same to him about how he wears his hair, if I wanted to. Turn it into a political issue so that I can claim that it is a political issue.

Stay on topic David. Don't let partisan punditry dictate the direction of the conversation. They will hijack it every time if you allow them this avenue.

Continue to challenge them on the facts; So it's O.K. to spy on Americans?; It's O.K. to remove Habeas Corpus?; It's O.K. to provide misleading information that costs the lives of hundreds of thousands of people?; It's O.K. to circumvent the law by creating exemptions through signing statements?; get the idea.

Make them refute you. This exposes their position as one that is inherently bad for America's future. Make them explain the DSM. Or the White House memo.

And when they attack you, don't stand for it either. You have morals, they don't. This is why they make personal ad homonyms. Remember, we could do the same to them concerning the simplest things like how Insanity reigns and Sean's hair is parted on the wrong side, but we don't play their game and therefore we aren't required to follow their rules.

good advice
most viewers see through his BS

I watched the video, and David and Elizabeth you held your ground well. Considering you were on Hannity's turf and subject to his incessant interruptions and baseless detractions, you both made your points very well and I admire you both. Keep up the good work.

you too!

What the 'hannities' and 'druggie rushies' types are saying, Finally, was that the Impeachment of Clinton "Was All Political!!!!"

We already knew this, now they have to go back and Relearn What Democracy Really Is, the Pols work for us, not we for them!

Funny that Hannity should use the word "transparent". He has apparently forgotten that transparency works both ways.

It is transparent to anyone who can think for themselves, put 2 and 2 together and has followed this issue even minimally that your motivation is pure, and that the goal is accountability and the preservation of the Constitution.

To these same people (even the ones who refuse to admit it because they are cowards who place their politics above their country), it is transparent that Sean Hannity is a pathetic Bushco media lap dog, flailing away in ever-increasing desperation, trying to save a presidency that the majority of Americans has long since concluded is not savable.

After we impeach these bastards and the criminal trials start, Hannity should be put on trial for aiding and abetting their heinous anti-American enterprise.
Demanding Truth, Accountability and Justice.

I concur with John Perry on this one. pieces of amoral 'shit' like Hannity and Limbaugh and Savage and every piece of right wing propanda shit needs to take place, at the very least, Faux Newz needs to not be allowed to broadcast propaganda on the people's airwaves in any way, make or form, because they strictly are a fascist and fascism propaganda apparatus and have no business on the public's air waves.

and as the parties have abetted this criminal, treasonous enterprise of the Bushco/PNAC cabal, the primaries who authorized this 'treason' should be tried for the high crime of 'treason' and when convicted, they should either be put to death or be imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives for assisting in the near total 'derailment' of democracy in this country.

Rupert Murdoch needs to take a 'dirt nap', as does Roger Ailes, for their treason. Public hangings of every single treasonous party need to happen, they have done equally as much damage as Goebbels and his nazi propaganda machine did during Hitler's murderous, demonically possessed and fascism driven madness that brought the world into World War II.

bad idea

Great job David Swanson and Elizabeth Holtzman on your recent appearance on Fox News Hannity and Colmes ! Your calm demeanor, honesty, integrity, and knowledge and understanding of Impeachement, the Constitution and the Rule of Law in the face of the "bad cop, good cop" Hannity and Colmes really did outshine the FoxNews bullies. Man, that Hannity asshole is so disrespectful too ! I'm sure that there are plenty of us who would love to have 5 minutes alone in a room with that "tough guy" asshole with the door locked so that nobody could get in ... I know that I sure would !

we're nonviolent :-)

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