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The Navy's "Blue Angels" flight team will come to Naval Air Station Brunswick (NASB) to perform on the anniversary of 9-11. The event is a recruiting gimmick at a time when the military is in desperate need for more of our kids to fight in Iraq.

Maine Veterans for Peace is calling for a statewide peace march from the downtown Brunswick mall to NASB on September 10. We will begin gathering just after 8am that morning. Over 100,000 people are expected to view the expensive war promotion air show.

Navy planes from NASB routinely fly surveillance and reconnaissance missions over Iraq calling in air strikes - many of which kill innocent Iraqi civilians. At these air shows our children are taught to idolize these "gods of metal."

As we face massive social spending cuts in our state and nation, the time has come for the public to say that we must convert our huge military industrial complex to peaceful and sustainable production. Over 50% of every tax dollar now goes to fight "endless war."

Please join Veteran's for Peace on September 10 in Brunswick. Special guests will be Kathy Kelly (Voices in the Wilderness) and Cindy Sheehan (Gold Star Families for Peace).

Real angels don't drop bombs!

Maine Veterans for Peace 13 Soper Rd. Chesterville, ME 04938 (207) 293-2580 or (207) 729-0517

Co-sponsors: Pax Christi Maine, PeaceWorks, Maine WILPF, Peace Action Maine, Smilin'Trees Disarmament Farm, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Maine Coalition for Peace & Justice, Island Peace & Justice, Witness for Peace, Peninsula Peace & Justice, Winthrop Area People for Peace, Portsmouth SeaCoast Peace Response, and Waldo County Peace & Justice

Roger Leisner
Radio Free Maine
P.O. Box 2705
Augusta, Maine 04338


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WWBAB? Who Will the Blue "ANGELS" Bomb? Anybody and everybody.

WWJB? Who Would Jesus Bomb? NO ONE!

The Blue Angels must be some of those fallen angels following Lucifer in Hell. Blue Angels sounds pretty profane to me, if not blasphemous. Veterans for Peace, Chapter 001, Maine, I wish you well. Get those dogs of war house trained.


Be sure to ask everyone attending the air show what they will do for medical care now that George Bush has pressed ganged us all into his "War on Terror". At least when I was in the Marine Corps I could count on free health care if I got wounded. George volunteered us all in the military style and won't even give us universal health coverage. Yeah, Semper Fi, George.

OK, as an avid aviation enthusisast, I must say this one is stretching it and hitting below the belt. In fact, aerospace is my life! Most people dont go to airshows to get recruited. It is to enjoy the wonders of aviation technology. There's nothing better than the smell of jet fuel and the roar of jet engines. Please leave my airshows alone. There's nothing wrong with a good airshow.

And dont you dare bash manned spaceflight!!

How appropriate to begin you comment with ACK as in ACK-ACK or anti-aircraft guns. Some strange subconcious stuff goin' on there, mate.

Listen, I spent 8 years in the Marine Corps infantry and I know what those jets are for. They are for killing and not for "oohing" and "ahhing". Our troops are damn lucky the "Insurgents" don't have aerospace technology. By the time you hear the BOOM made by one of those things-you've been long dead. You DON'T HEAR the sonic boom. You're DEAD. When I trained troops all air was enemy air. Which wasn't so bad when the stray Cesna flew over, you can pretend they can't see you. But when the Harriers and Navy jets flew, it was all over. I don't think my imagination is any better than the next Gyrine, but it ain't a pleasant notion to know that if the jets that you just heard were enemy jets, you woulda' been body bag bound. And that's just the jets you hear. When they are playing for keeps, you don't hear'em and you don't see'm. You just DEAD.

Do me a favor stay away from military air shows. Don't go to any NAS/AFB/MCAS to indulge your jet fuel habit. Go to one of the civilian air shows. Maybe you don't plan on being recruited; but you know, them Marine recruiters, they got other ideas. Why else would they be spending all our hard earned tax money on such a colossal DOG AND PONY SHOW.

Let me give you the same advice I gave to all my troops: WISE UP BEFORE YOU GET YOURSELF OR SOME OF US KILLED. Semper Fi, Mac.

It does not get any more extreme than "Oh my, we must hide the children from the horrible evil airshow." No airshow ever inspired me to go into the military. However, it did inspire me to perform well in math and science and go on to become an aerospace engineering. But, I suppose we should just leave our children to be inspired by the likes of Brittany Spears, Jessica Simpson, and MTV.

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