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Dean Decisively Undecided on Anything Yet, But don't worry - he's working on it:


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Does it actually matter what Dean decides? Does the U.S. electorate actually have any real alternative in what appears to be Tweedledum and Tweedledee twin captives of the elite establishment and their multinational corporate interests? Just asking.

This may also be as good a place as any for some comments on the recent article authored by Frank Rich in the New York Times. Mr Rich announces (and apparently thinks that someone should tell the President) that the "war is over". It's not.

Quoting Norman Soloman: "Rich's narrative does not just skitter past five years of horrific carnage inflicted by the U.S. government in Vietnam -- and elsewhere in Indochina -- after the spring of 1968. His storyline is also, in its own way, a complacent message that stands in sharp contrast to the real situation we now face: a U.S. war on Iraq that may persist for a terribly long time. For the Americans still in Iraq, and for the Iraqis still caught in the crossfire of the occupation, the experiences ahead will hardly be compatible with reassuring forecasts made by pundits in the summer of 2005."

SOURCE: Not Outta There By a Long Shot


The Democrat VS. Republican GAME of American politics and elections amounts to nothing more than the choice of
chocolate or vanilla ice cream given to children. To continue fighting amoung ourselves over which is the best flavor only
serves as a distraction....while the thieves break into the safe
and steal the treasure that belongs to ALL citizens.

This INVASION of Iraq has been planned very carefully and
for a long time by PNAC. They don't care who, what, how many
get hurt in the implemention of their plan. They will steamroll
anything in their way.

One Cold Fact:

Price of Halliburton stock:
August 2002 = $15.00 per share
Currently = $55.00 per share

Also, this cabal has NO INTENTION of leaving the White House. Any means of staying there will be fine with fraud, touch screen voting, etc..... you name it.

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