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Cindy Press Conference

From Crawford Update Blog

Cindy had a press conference this morning at Camp Casey. Most the major media was there. If you missed it, be sure to tune into Headline News or CNN in the coming hours. Cindy offered President Bush to join her and other military families in a non-denominational prayer meeting this Friday in support of our troops in Iraq and their families. Let's hope the President makes the right decision.

A gentleman from ABC News has been here since the beginning and done some great work for us. At the press conference he couldn't seem to let go of the question around whether Cindy felt as though she had become distracted from her original goal of meeting with the President because of the media circus and all the people that had arrived in support of her. "No, I love the people that have come here to Camp Casey. Last night we all had a chance to sit down and re-focus our goals and remember why we're here. But no, we remain determined and focused on the goal of meeting with President Bush," said Cindy.

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Cindy, The Chico Peace and Justice Center has established a "Chico Camp Casey" in Chico's "Children's Park," right next to CSU Chico. They have the goal of remaining there as long as you are camped outside the Bush ranch. This is a great opportunity to reach the students who are returning this week to the university.
As the mother of a 16 year old boy, (who told me he wanted to join the military and who just about broke my heart), and of a 23 year old girl, I grieve for you and with you.
Best wishes and try to stay dry!
Paula Karch Bethard
St. John the Baptist Parish, Chico
P.S. As you know, dove season begins very soon, so I sort of believe the neighbor who said he was shooting off his gun in anticipation of dove season. I think he is just as frustrated as the rest of us. Doesn't he remind you of 1/2 the guys in the Sacramento Valley???


We, the DC Anti-War Network (D.A.W.N.) ( is ready to help you if/when you move your protest to in front of the White House come September.

Being the largest grass-roots political peace advocacy group in the DC area, we have lots of experience in organizing protests in front of the White House and other DC locations. Recent protests include Karl Roves house, Rumsfelds house, the Washington Post, Sunday morning talk shows, the Silver Springs MD recruiting station, and several others.

We also protest in front of the White House every Saturday at noon.

We were also there last Wednesday at the CodePink "Meet With Cindy" protest.

If is not able to find time to meet with you this August, we will help be a "pre-team" as you move your protest to DC. I imagine a huge bus caravan from Texas to DC.

Just keep it in mind - the huge democratic stronghold that is the DC metropolitan area is ready to support you.

All the best,
Matthew Cunningham

>> Let's hope the President makes the right decision.

I'm not sure what is meant by this in the land of religious fanaticism. I submit prayers will not change much.

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