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By David Swanson

By the magic of telephone, I got on a television show about UFOs and magic airplanes to talk about impeachment. Very bizarre. Watch this.

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Your comments about the television show of ; Very bizarre, is the only thing I disagree with you over David. Are you implying that it was bizarre being on a television show that was willing to air impeachment issues because it is also a show that touches upon the possibility of alien life and other less well documented topics. Is there anything more alien to truth, justice, honesty, and integrity than the present aliens occupying the White House?

I do not wish to digress from the main and very important issue here of impeaching Bush, but once again we come down to corrupt governments covering up information that would help the world to see a much bigger and wider picture. The information on the illuminati, free masons and aliens is not given the full attention it needs, because much of what our governments are doing, and the technology they have to do this with, has not always had its origins discovered on this earth. The Internet is full of information which covers these subjects and when put alongside of government activities they interlock to make the jigsaw picture more complete.. Much of the reality based news and information is being made available to the public at large from alternative sources, such as your own for example. Humanity has been lied to and misled for centuries, more so within the last century and a half, as the ability to reach across the world and touch upon the lives of other people has developed. If a television show that is willing to look at other possibilities is also willing to air impeachment, then that is not very bizarre, surely it must be very welcome.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”
- Galileo Galilei

Wow - almost as bizarre as Fox


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