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Standoff in Crawford


It seems that Cindy Sheehan's protest is getting more mainstream media attention every day. A story about her vigil landed above the fold in The Washington Post on Saturday. Joe Biden was asked about Sheehan on Meet The Press yesterday. And the media covered President Bush's bike-riding snub of Sheehan. Our fearful leader—who has said he doesn't have time to meet with Sheehan—explained his decision to take a two-hour bike ride as an example of how he is merely trying to "go on" with his life. Sheehan, meanwhile, manages to "go on" with her life, too. She writes a surprisingly uplifting blog entry on HuffingtonPost about the weekend's events:

The ninth day ended in the most awesome way. We were out at Camp Casey and it was sprinkling a little bit and it really looked like the rain was going to start pouring down anytime. We looked over into the next cow pasture and there was a full rainbow. Rainbows are supposedley God's sign of hope. When Casey was killed on 04/04/04, I thought that all of my hope was killed, too. Being involved in the peaceful occupation of Crawford and meeting hundreds of people from all over the world has given me so much hope for the future.

We had a lovely interfaith prayer service this morning. It was truly beautiful and we were all weeping while we were singing "Amazing Grace." But, during the service, one of our neighbors fired off a shot gun. He said he was shooting at birds, but he is tired of us being there and he wants us to leave. I didn't get to talk to him, but I told the media that if he wanted us to leave so badly, why doesn't he tell his other neighbor, George, to talk to me. We are good neighbors and we are cooperating with everyone. By the way, in case I forgot to blog it last night, the Sheriff has requested that I stay down in Crawford during the night, because he is afraid for my safety after he leaves. He said he would "sleep better" himself at night if I came into town to sleep. Judging from the shooting guns, I guess he was right.


I just wish George had as much courage in his entire body as Casey had in his little pinky, then he would meet with me. Crawford, Tx. is beautiful prairie land, but I could think of dozens of other places I would rather be right now. However, if George or anybody else thinks I am leaving before my mission is "accomplished" they have another think coming. I will stay the course. I will finish the mission. I will take no prisoners.

By the way, we had about 7 counter protesters today and hundreds at Camp Casey...don't let the mainstream media say differently.

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Way to go cindy, you are always the source of the TRUTH. Those so-called counter protesters really have resolve don' they? I read some came in a bus after apparently getting some free beer to probably get the nerve to show up in the first place. Nothing like more alcohol to numb their feeble minds even further.

Cindy, I'm from Pennsylvania, home of The Constitution, Independence Hall, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross and the Liberty Bell, among many other national treasures which symbolize our freedom. You are taking up that cause for freedom in a manner which makea the spirits of all American patriots proud.

Every day I get on I get more and more uplifted by the posts and the comments. Even the right wingnuts posts are inspiring to the point where you see the desperation and the futility in their content, or rather, lack of content. Sometimes it is actually fun to reply to them. I've been having fun referring to the vast number of "annonymous" righties as Mr. X's. I have even given several X's my e-mail address to share thoughts directly with me. No takers so far.

As always, God bless and keep you and the other protesters.

I merely want to add my voice in support of Cindy's efforts. I was privileged to be in Washington, D.C. to protest the invasion of Iraq before the debacle began and again at the second inauguration of our national disgrace. It is my opinion that Cindy's vigil is proving to be more effective than either of those events and this in no way is meant to diminish the value of those same efforts. We owe her a debt of gratitude which I doubt we can repay.

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