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No Less than Impeachment & Accountability for Crimes Committed

I support the Articles Impeachment set forth in H.Res. 1106 and urge the menace was brought before the Nation by four leaders, essentially unbeknowst to by US Citizens. That wrong doing will not forgiven by less than due and proper impeachments of four perpetrators.

Whereas the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association sanction members who commit crimes like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice did, I urge a Constitutional obligation exists for Congress to investigate the acts of these leaders to prevent all US citizens from being held accountable for crimes committed, "trying them" for what the perpetrators knowingly and unknowingly did against humankind.

Neither Congressional checks and balances nor the crimes committed against people from 192 countries may be ignored or swept under the rug. It is time to "clean house" and not to look at the originator of this Resolution as a means to dodge that responsibility.

US citizens cannot sit by with eyes closed while such cronies cause US citizens or foreigners to be tortured; Veterans and their families to live with uranium poisoning, mutations, etc., arising from shells exploded in military personnel's midst; having lives trashed with PTSD, Bi-Polar and other disorders as shown in The Ground Truth (movie released by Universal Studios); or, like Sgt. Brent Bretz who's had 57 operations since he lost both legs in Iraq. Mr. Rumsfeld approved torture methods as posted in military, CIA, FBI and other Manuals (obtained by Freedom of Information Act releases and) now in libraries only some may use.

The US use of torture in known and unknown prisons now makes torturing victims among third world criminals a preferred way to treat victims as they now say

"I won't be outdone by George W. Bush".

Based on my research in Latin America, I believe the prior quotereveals a heavy reason for reviewing this issue. Mental health professionals are obligated to document and publicize findings so investigators in any venue (including Congress Persons) may use it to assess whether torturers are accountable. Leaders who create models for criminals to follow must be found guilty of those crimes they develop in the minds of humans.

No US citizen can remain silent . Or, they shall be just as guilty of high crimes as Germans (who all remained silent) were found after Hitler committed abused humanity in World War II.

For those who have doubts, please peruse 800 pages objecting to crimes fostered by Neocon fundamentalists "fascists". See where the writers author 14 Essays under the pen name Publius like Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay did on behalf of Colonists between 1775-1779.

Yes, I join with supporters of H.Res. 1106.

[Ken Koym is a Retired Military Research Scientist, Texas LMFT, Life Member American Psychological Association & Founder Advocacy Services Press]


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