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Monday, August 15, 2005

Getting Around in Crawford

So the Crawford Peace House is about a 3 mile hike from Camp Casey. It's serving as the HQ for most of the activity and planning. One of the major hurdles here in is parking. There isn't alot of it and most of it is illegal. Though we do have an excellent group of volunteers who are working to "coordinate vehicular movement," according to one woman. Most of that involves yelling out, "If yer drivin a white Dodge Stratus with Texas plates yer 'bout to git towed! Better get on your horse before you git a ticket." Ok...the emphasis was mostly me but I do have a thing for a good strong Texas accent. It looks like more and more folks are sharing rides (and they'll be a rideshare message board on the Meet With Cindy website in a few days I believe) or packing rental vans to get out here.

Water Everywhere

One of the more difficult challenges about organizing an event like this in southeastern Texas is the weather. I don't know how else to say this: it's freakin hot. I stepped out of the car this morning at the Crawford Peace House and for the first time in my life I really felt as if I had stepped into a 300-degree oven. Shade is your friend out here and the intense summer thunderstorms that rip through now and again keep things relatively cool afterwards.

So...we're all drinking copious amounts of water. I don't think I've ever seen so much bottled water around an demonstration such as this. Everywhere you look there are flats of water, Gatorade, soda and more water. Most folks have holsters in order to carry more than one bottle of water at a time. The key here is this: activists themselves are bringing in the water, paying for the extra water, and going out to get more when a thirsty mouth arrives from the latest action. Tim Goodrich, one of the Iraqi vets against the war, usually is seen with his army-issued Camelbak. If you're on your way out here...bring a water bottle.

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I saw this image of Bush (ok, I added some to the dress) a month or so ago. He was speaking in Williamsport (or Williamsburg?)

I was struck by how much the podium looked like a dress

I added the Cat Stevens verses from 'Fancy Dancer'

The verse seems even more appropriate in light of Cindy's simple request of the president..

this is so annoying. I respect your pain and loss but this is such a political move! first return the land you live on to the indians, then tell Israel what to do with its land. that is not yours to give. With all due respect, this is taxpayer money you are wasting.

I'm watching all this from a long way off (Germany) and I would like to send my thoughts and support out to Casey and everybody at the Crawford Site - keep at 'em guys.
However, there is one thing that bugs me and I would like to ask a question without belittling the cause of Cindy et al - what ever happened to Rovegate?
Do you not think that the focus on Cindy and the Crawford camp has taken some of the focus off of the worlds most dangerous presedential aides???

Hello Steve in Germany! The Rove matter is still swirling around the blogs. The most recent information I've read, at, is a list of 21 people with possible involvement. Our media seems only able to focus on one topic at a time. Sorry about that whole re-election thing...

Here is the latest run down I've seen:,waasweb1,66861,2.html

Rovegate (I prefer TreasonGate) was already in remission before Cindy made her stand.

As long as we're 'off topic' - I seriously believe the Rethuglicans in Power will not allow indictments.. they will stop at nothing - they have 3/4ths of a coup.. do you really believe they will stand by and let the special investigator bring them down?

I pray I'm wrong

Look at Bush dressed for the Party..

Do you think/feel that the PNAC NEO CONs have 3/4 of the requirements
for a Coup d'etat? How high do you think the probabilities are?

What do you think are the missing requirements for a PNAC NEO CON Coup d'etat? I would think an effective strategy would be to focus
a high percentage of resource in that direction while continuing
to to neutralize and dismantle the establsihed "fascist" base,
which we "Fools and Lovers" have been doing steadily (and exponentially I might add) over the past 2000 years. ;-)

(I use "fascist" in its strict Etruscan/Roman sense as a "Static
Patriarchal 'Licensed to enslave, exile, rob/tax, beat, imprison torture, and kill' Human Primate Survival Model")

I still maintain that this is the world's first full out "Communications War" between the "Old World Static Patriarchal Fascists" and the "The New World Dynamic Pediarchal Lover Culture." But, I think too many of our clever "Fools and Lovers" have fallen into that "Monkey Trap" of the Fascist Credit Card Loan Sharks that
people like Sloan Wilson, "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit" (1955)
tried to warn us about after World War II.

(Yes, all you "Celebrities" and "Rock Stars" out there, ask yourselves, "Am I just being a "Tool for hire so that I will finally 'be somebody', I will finally get to do anything I want, have anything I want and everyone will love me or I will FIRE their tired ass" (as long as the attention & money hold out) -OR- Am I an artist with a "Dream" or a "Message" that I am trying to share with anyone that will listen? Now is the time to "Focus" - uh, ever wonder why
VH-1 never shows, "I LOVE THE 60s?" This is hint. . .)

Hey, even the Rolling Stones are getting on board with their
new song, "Sweet Neo Con." Of course, one wonders if they will
suddenly get arrested in Japan for "Marija-houie" like Paul McCartney
did . . . wasn't that right after the song, "Give Ireland Back to the
Irish" went up charts with a "bullet?" Hmmmm, . . .

Since we have already invaded two countries and are threatening to
'nuke' a third, I may have already answered my own question, BUT . . .
do you feel/think that they will try a "Hard" coup d'etat (another
9/11 --> Fascist Martial Law Police State via FEMA codes) -OR- do
you think they will just continue with their "Soft" Machiavellian
Fascist "Octopus" strategy of "New World Order"?

There has been must evidence/speculation floating about to support a possible "Hard Coup" during the August FEMA Region IV exercises. And,
MY PRESIDENT . . . the guy that is supposed to be the "Coolest
American in the ENTIRE United States of America to act as our
Representitive to ALL the other countries in the World just flipped
me and all the other kidz in this country "The Finger" which means
,"FUCK YOU!!!".

This kinda makes me angry, but of course from my days of going to school with rich obnoxious dysfunctional male
woman-hating/fearing/degrading NEO CON frat-brats AND playing the infamous band circuit venues known as "Fraternity Parties", I may have an biased "attitude."

To all the "FOOLS and LOVERS" in the other countries, I would personally like to ask for "A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRINEDS."
As over 1.8 Billion of us declared on INTERDEPENDENCE DAY 02July05
during LIVE 8, "WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!" I think we could sure use some "HELP!!!" right about

As Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Hermie the Elf Dentist would say, "What do you say we all be INDEPENDENT . . . TOGETHER???"


"...As Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Hermie the Elf Dentist would say, "What do you say we all be INDEPENDENT . . . TOGETHER???"


And that FU finger of Bush's>>> if the Christian Right haven't woken up from Bush's PNAC pre-meditated massive murders and maimings, perhaps Bush's middle finger will violate their senses enough to make them wake up and smell the coffee.

Thanks! I agree that this needs to be maximized to its fullest potential. It should be playing as a "screen saver" animation
on ever computer you cyber-punks can get your hands on.

Can someone please post some links of this in some various formats
so that PC users and MAC users can get to it? Also, I think a lot
of our "New Friends" on the List (thanks to Cindy Sheehan - you go
girl!!!) may have missed it. It is definitely a classic!! (Unfortunately, sorta in the dark/scary way David Lynch films, Clockwork Orange, or anything by Harlan Ellison is a "classic.")

Two things (Local Game Rules) I have learned growing up in North Carolina in Wilkes 'By God' County are:

1. If you ever use a "dirty word" in an argument, you stand a very
high chance of losing the majority of your public audience regardless of how much data and logic you have going for you.

2. If you ever "flip someone the bird", you are a "BAD Person" in the
public eye, ESPECIALLY if you hold ANY position of Honor or Status.

Let's make use of "Broken Game Rule #2!!!

After all, we don't want the "children" having bad role models, do we?


Here is the bit that Jay Leno did on it. It is in Quicktime, but
PC users can load Quicktime for free if they don't aleady have it.

If you don't have Quicktime it will automatically ask you if you
want to load it from Apple's site. You may have to turn off your
"Pop-Up" Blocker to do the install.

Yeah, it is definitely a classic

Move over "Harry Potter!!!" Let's get some "Rolling Stones" on those "Purification Fires!!"

Southern Fundamentalist Hall of Fame "Burnings" in MY community:
Marilyn Manson
Nine Inch Nails
Boy George & Culture Club
Cat Stevens (no, really, they did)
Beatles (two times)
Buddy Holly

"Damn! I saved up weeks to buy that record. I can't believe my
mom & dad broke into my room, beat the shit out of me, grabbed my
records, took them to the church 'revival meeting' and burnt them
as a 'show of faith' and 'for my own good.' What a bunch of DICKS!!"
- typical kid trying to survive growing up in the South.

"Damn!! These new CDs and DVDs don't burn nearly as good as those
records used to. Hand me that jug of kerosene!"
- Typical "I'm going to build me an Empire bigger than
Billy Graham's" Southern Fundamentalist "Preacher" with an IQ of 70



I just returned from Camp Casey ... it was a long journey from Michigan but absolutely worth it. Cindy is truly inspiring and she really needs our help and support.
If there is any chance you can go, for a weekend, a day, an afternoon....GO! You will be welcomed and awed.

I'm trying to spread the word on this.....

You are so right Mary Ann,

I'm trying to spread the word about the Peace Train idea, helping Cindy Sheehan in her efforts at Camp Casey in Crawford Texas

Of all the support for Cindy across the country, yet there's only a few hundred of us down there watching her back?

That's just not right....
Maybe the Peace Train idea would encourage those of us who could try and work it out to get there.
As of today she's got 17 days left.
I'm hopeful that there are enough of us out there that may be able to work it out...

To those who can't, they'll be there in spirit!

The following is the letter I posted to Ms. Sheehan on the new Crawford Peace House community board.

Hello there Cindy,

Woohoo! This setup is awesome! Hope this Community makes all the difference.
Power To The Internet!

I've sent this idea before the site got up to the Peace House, it's understandable they probably haven't read it.
Not sure if anyone has thought of this, it may help with the major transportation problem if this goes on any longer.

I've tried to spread the word about this on the internet,but getting nowhere fast and I'm too busy trying to get to Camp Casey.
So I thought cut to the chase. When Cindy speaks people are listening right now!

Ok, to make a long story shorter...hehe

In my pursuit of trying to figure out how and when to get to Crawford, I found out that The Amtrak literally stops 6.7 miles from Crawford's doorstep in McGregor.

This could potentially be a huge advantage for a number of reasons.

If everyone who opposes this war just within the surrounding Texas states could drive to the nearest Amtrak station that will take them to McGregor, it may create enough of a crowd where George will have no choice but to meet with you.

Their cars are parked at a reasonably safe place and NOT Camp Casey. This issue has got to be taking way more time spent on something more productive.

People taking the Peace Train wouldn't be so road weary and more able to help out those of you that are beyond exhausted.

You can use this as a talking point with the media to encourage those who really want to come.....take the Peace Train!
Mothers especially...OK bring the Dads!

Camp Casey and Peace Train sound very good together.....

I'm a mom and as for me, I am sick and tired of sitting in front of this screen like so many of us, doing whatever we can to bring awareness.

I believe you may have created a defining moment for those of us who want our country back.

The one simple act of taking a few days out of our comfort zone, going to Crawford and get your back is our one shot.
Not only to end this war, but to bring enough awareness to the masses as to what criminals these people are.

I really do believe that at this point if people aren't outraged, they aren't paying enough attention.
Most of us are good people and we know that. People are so busy, but want to stay "informed" so they watch the networks.

I feel it's almost become our duty for those of us on the internet, to come to Crawford....otherwise we just talk a good game.

For myself, I'm looking from the perspective as there has been a death in the family, and really there has....
Funerals never come at a good time, but we always work it out.
Still not sure what day I'll make it, but I'll get there.

I keep hoping George will meet with you, but looks like that's not going to happen soon anyway.

Please keep the talking points in the media of The Downing Street Minutes, No WMD's, the 9/11 report....

I saw a sign that said...
"The Downing Street Memo is compelling evidence for the impeachment of George W. Bush....Somebody please inform the media"!

I hope this helps.

Forever grateful

Please forgive any grammar errors!

When you're tired and your energy is gone, when problems pile on top of problems, and you don't know where you will get the strength to keep going, that is when the race is almost won.

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