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TomDispatch Provides Context

From Tomdispatch comes "Cindy Sheehan's War -- Cindy, Don, and George: On Being in a Ditch at the Side of the Road."

Sheehan is a phenomenon -- but few have attempted to put her in the larger context of the moment in Iraq, in Washington, in the military, and in Crawford, Texas. This piece focuses on an administration suddenly in uncharacteristic disarray and a President who prides himself on not flinching, giving ground, or ever saying he's sorry, but who has also had remarkably good luck until he ran into Cindy Sheehan.

Whether in his presidential runs, in Congress, or elsewhere, he really hasn't come up against an opponent who was ready to dig in and duke it out blow for blow, an opponent ready never to flinch, never to apologize, never to mince words, never to take prisoners.

Please don't miss this latest Tomgram.

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I would not want to disparage the grief of non-parents for the fallen soldiers as well as for the Iraqi civilians in this Mesopotamia Mess that the current administration has caused in the past year and a half. For those of us who are parents, the death of each of these young men and women is a stake in our hearts. None of us want to receive that phone call telling us that our beloved child is gone.

Cindy's question: "For what 'noble cause' did my son Casey die?" is a reasonable one. Could it be that GW will not meet with her because he doesn't know any better than the rest of us the answer to the question? This would be frightening if true. I think that it is.

Mrs. Guvstavson, I have to completely agree with your analysis of Bush's reluctance to meet with Mrs. Sheehan. Think about how Bush and Co. operate. He is heavy on buzz words and cliches but short on substance. He can recite the phrase "noble cause" which has been written for him by his staff, but when it comes time to provide substance and meaning to the phrase, two things ring loud and clear, 1. Bush does not have the intellectual capacity to give the phrase any substance and 2. his staff is good at creating catchy phrases but they have no clue about substance either.

Bush & Co. are and have been always about "selling" their brand of Americanism on a heretofore willing American public. What is now happening is that questions are finally being asked and the dearth of answers from Bush & Co. is creating a crisis for the neocons. Just think about the people that threw that Friday barbeque bash for Bush for a minute. How many of them were on the receiving end of Bush tax cuts? I don't know about you but I see that as "wealthfare"! I also, as a lawyer see it as a conflict of interest and possibly even bribery. Rest assured that middle class Americans are beginning to ask Bush & Co. the hard questions and since Bush is unable to give acceptable answers to these questions, the credibility of the entire administration and its main stream media cheerleaders (read Fox Propaganda channel-FPC for short) is crumbling before our very eyes. You are very correct that Bush does not know what the answers are. He even refuses to consider the questions.

Keep the faith! Power to the people!

I have read virtually every article posted on this site. This one, by Tom Engelhardt, is among the very best. It is contextually comprehensive and wonderfully insightful.

It's a superbly well-written article and is now being picked up by others, including the front page of the Asia Times.

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