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Cindy's Victory

by William Pitt on Democratic Underground

“This thing, the wheels are coming off it.

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This article was published on the opinion page 8/14/05.

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

So Casey Sheehan didn't die in vain
By Patti Schiller
Special to The Courier-Journal

This month, I am a mother getting ready to joyfully celebrate her son's wedding. Meanwhile, another mother, Cindy Sheehan, is camping in the heat and the dust outside a ranch in Crawford, Texas, to ask the President why her 24-year-old son, Casey, is dead.

Casey was killed last year in Iraq, five days after he was sent there. President Bush says Casey died for a "noble cause." Cindy Sheehan wants him to tell her just what that cause was that cost her son his life and meant that she will never be able to attend his wedding and to hope someday for the utter bliss of bouncing his children on her knee.

I am in awe of Sheehan's strength, her courage and her commitment. But I am not shocked that the President, who is on vacation (he has spent almost 20 percent of his presidency on vacation), cannot take time away from clearing brush on the ranch to meet with the mother of a dead soldier.

After all, this is a President who does not even allow the press to photograph pictures of our soldier children coming home in coffins. [That policy, which was first imposed during the presidency of George H.W. Bush, has recently been changed, following a legal challenge. -- Editor.] He doesn't do grief with the parents, wives and children of our fallen soldiers.

And if Bush actually did take time away from his vacation to meet with this grieving mother, what could he tell her about the "noble cause" that took her young son's life? The reasons keep changing. First, it was about saving the world from deadly weapons of mass destruction. Embarrassingly, there were none. Then it was about freeing people who would greet their liberators with flowers. In fact, they greet our occupying force with bombs. Then it was about spreading democracy. If Iraq's constitution ever does get written, it is looking more and more like a Shiite theocracy.

Then it was about fighting terrorists over there so we wouldn't have to fight them over here. The bombs have already gone off in Madrid and in London. Is anyone foolish enough to believe that we are not next?

This country is in far more jeopardy now than before this war began. Next we were keeping peace in a violent and turbulent land where it is difficult to tell friend from foe. One only has to read the newspaper every day to know how utterly unsuccessful that has been. And if it really is such a noble cause, why aren't the Bush twins and the sons and daughter of our elected representatives in Iraq serving that cause?

But Sheehan says she is not leaving Crawford until she meets with the President. She says her goal is to keep the war in the forefront of the American conscience, a difficult task when the mainstream media would much prefer to run stories about runaway brides and celebrity alleged child abusers.

She is not alone in Crawford, and more citizens are joining her every day in spite of -- or maybe even because of -- unsubtle Secret Service attempts to intimidate them. They were told by the service that they "were in danger of being run over by cars in the night if they stayed." They're staying.

Sheehan says, "One person alone can make a personal statement, but one person with 1 million people behind her can certainly make a difference." She is receiving support from thousands in this country and from people all over the world.

Sheehan says that perhaps the true noble cause of Casey's death was to help end this war. If that is true, then Casey did not die for nothing.

Patti Schiller, of Louisville, is a 2005 Forum Fellow. For 20 years, she was a counselor with the Jewish Family and Vocational Service. From 1999 to 2001, she was director of "Shalom Bayit," a program designed to educate Louisville's Jewish community about domestic abuse.


Before you start singing her praises you might want to check out what she says. First you should know that Hadi Jawad (one of the co-founders of the Crawford Peace House and one of her main supporters) has a map of Palestine posted there in the Crawford Peace House. The map shows Palestine over the whole area, no Isreal.

Next you should talk to Sheehan about her comment that the Jews should get out of Palistine and once they have and American leaves Iraq terrorism will be solved.

She failed to give a solution to all those Jews who will be pushed in the ocean.

Cindy, As a mom, my heart aches for you knowing your heart is broken with your loss of Casey, and for all the other mothers who have lost sons and daughters. It is time to say NO more. We must be heard, listened, and talked to. The truth must be spoken. Yours is the noble cause. God bless you and my heart and spirit is with you.

Mr. Pitt

RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN A NUTSHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Ms. Sheehan,
Please keep up the good work, that most of us are to lazy, afraid of critizism, or just plain do not want to get involved to speak out against the worst president ever to sit in the whitehouse.
We are cowards, we SAY we do not have time, we do not want to cause controversy, we CAN SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND STILL be against the worst administration to rule America. But we are afraid someone will critizise us, afraid we will be branded as anti American, as against the troops, when we really against the lies that got us there, against the phoney sayings of building a democracy while taking away OUR democracy that was bought by American Blood and American resources, bought by families that had men and women to sign on the dottied line that put the assets, their childern, wives, and even their lives at stake to win the freedom we used to enjoy, until by our complancy we allowed the present administration to take us to invade a country that is half way around the world that had missiles that could only go some 115 miles.
We have become a bunch of mamby pambies that will turn our heads insteads of speaking out about the things that might draw some critizism from family members, friends, strangers and especially the monied executives and corporation bosses that will make billions at the expense of the lives and fortunes of the poor, the lower class and even the middle class.
This president has taken us to the brink of bankruptcy of our social security system, has increased the massive national domestic debt to portions that is twice or more of the next the next closest administration in increasing the massive national debt to give his strongest supporters the BIGGEST TAX CUT in the history of the land while sending the poorest of the land and those who chose to join the military to a country that posed no threat, immediate or long term to this country.
My prayers are with you and your supporters and I hope you get to express your views to a president who will only come before a invited crowed of supporters of the military who can not express their true views because he is their commander in chief in office if not in reality.
I agree wholeheartedly with you that if this such a noble cause, Bush should encourge the members of his immediate family, the families of his strongest supporters and the members of his extended family to join in the fight.
May God Bless you, strenghten you, comfort you and keep you from harm, from critizism, from attacks from those who are getting rich from this useless, uncalled for invasion of a soverign nation that posed not threat to this country, even though it has a horrible dictator. But it seems we have leader that is also trying to be and even has said he would like it better if he were a dictator.

Trust me, I have spoken out repeatedly to my republican family and friends. Most of them can not be persuaded to even consider that this bastard is lying to them.

They think he walks on water. And I believe he is the anti-Christ.

Repubs really come unglued when I mention that. When was the last time you saw pictures of stepford wife Laura and liar george at church. During the election when it was a photo-op. His whole life is photo-op.

This man and his cohorts are pure evil and Democrats must take back congress in 2006 or we can kiss America good-bye.

Cindy's TV appearances would be more effective if she would place more emphasis on the illegality and immorality of the war and on the lies on which it is based, and less emphasis on her grief.

Cindy Sheehan is not a mouthpiece for the Left Wing. She is not a chess piece. She is a mother who has lost her son. Please try to remember that. A lot of folks need to be reminded of that. If she chooses to represent herself as more than that, that is up to her, entirely up to her. I sincerely hope folks will support her, not use her.

I hope that is not too severe, but there it is.

The US public, God Bless 'em, do not stay stupid and unaware forever. It has been astonding to see the "middle America" response to this woman. When I use the term, I don't mean the Mid-West per se, but the middle group of folks who are busy shopping, watching TV, taking care of children, trying to keep or find a job, busy going to the lake, to the games - just living their lives.

Cindy's efforts are beginning to make them wake up and to notice that 1,845 of our young people are dead. When we see that number, it seems astronomical, yet we do not want it to reach the 54,000 or so that it got to in Vietnam. Oil just cannot be worth it. And, another fact that is not mentioned frequently enough is that when the Pentagon reports 1,845 KIA, they do not mention the three times that number who die in the MASH units in Iraq, or in German or at Walter Reed from their injuries sustained when the others actually died. We have approximately six thousand young men and women who have died for George.

Can't he tell her and the rest of us what "the noble cause" was? He owes us. He stole this election for a good reason. He needs to explain himself.

I agree that Cindy seems to be winning a great and important victory. I am somewhat concerned, however, that with the focus almost entirely on Bush in Crawford, other developments of equal or greater importance continue to unfold in Washington -- in the relative comfort of the Cheney Bunker and the Pentagon, for example.

Someone had better soon start focussing on Cheney's pimping for a war with Iran. If Bush is forced out of office before getting rid of that Halliburton shill (or even if he isn't) all of this good work on extracting troops from the Iraq debacle may go for nothing.

Bush may have taken the U.S. into a "quagmire", but Cheney is determined to start WW3 -- and that will be the result if he succeeds in getting nukes dropped on Iran by the U.S. or by its Israeli "allies".

More Here

Anyone seen the AEI's site lately? It's usually pretty good at identifying what we're in store for with this administration.

What's going on?? I just tried to access the meetwithcindy site and what I got on my screen was:
FORBIDDEN (in large bold letters)
"You don't have permission to access on this server"
My server is MSN. Anyone else finding this problem?? Is this our govt. trying to prevent access?

PEOPLE ..... WE NEED TO HELP CINDY WITH HOW SHE IS BEING VIEWED IN HER HOME TOWN. THE LOCAL PAPER IS THE REPORTER. ITS WEB SITE IS THERE IS A GOOD EDITORIAL ABOUT HER RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PAPER AT THIS URL.... You can write letters to the editor at These people need to know that she is a hero and they should be proud of her even if they don't agree with her.

I no longer live in Vacaville, but Cindy went to my parish of St. Mary's. We met through a mutual friend on a camping trip. I'd see her around town and we'd talk. Never knew her politics until this but I did know of her sons death. It devastated the community.

You have to remember, though, that Vacaville is neighbors with Travis Air Base. I'd see people with "Nuke Iraq" bumper stickers driving around town. Made it hard to speak out against the war as many found that to be a direct attack on the military at that base.

Whatever peoples position on the war (and I agree with Cindy that it is an unjust war) they have to see this as a Free Speech issue, no?

Aug. 22, 2005 issue - The grieving room was arranged like a doctor's office. The families and loved ones of 33 soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan were summoned to a large waiting area at Fort Bragg, N.C. For three hours, they were rotated through five private rooms, where they met with President George W. Bush, accompanied by two Secret Service men and a photographer. Because the walls were thin, the families awaiting their turn could hear the crying inside.

President Bush was wearing "a huge smile," but his eyes were red and he looked drained by the time he got to the last widow, Crystal Owen, a third-grade schoolteacher who had lost her husband in Iraq. "Tell me about Mike," he said immediately. "I don't want my husband's death to be in vain," she told him. The president apologized repeatedly for her husband's death. When Owen began to cry, Bush grabbed her hands. "Don't worry, don't worry," he said, though his choking voice suggested that he had worries of his own. The president and the widow hugged. "It felt like he could have been my dad," Owen recalled to NEWSWEEK. "It was like we were old friends. It almost makes me sad. In a way, I wish he weren't the president, just so I could talk to him all the time."

Quite the contrast to the image Sheehan is trying to put forth.

Sheehan is a liar. A publicity-seeking liar who is at home in front of fawning hangers-on and others who admire her "professional victim" status

Cindy Sheehan would have a very long way to go to catch up with George W Bush in that department.

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time." -- Phineas T. Barnum

That was Abraham Lincoln (quote about fooling people). Barnum said "there's a sucker born every minute." That's a lot of Republicans.

You say Sheehan is a liar? And your proof is??? Does the word "slander" mean anything to you? Apparently not. On the other hand, how many Bush lies can you count that led to the killing war that took Sheehan's son in death???

Bush can cry and say he's sorry all he wants. It does not change the unequivocal indisputable fact: BUSH LIED TO THE WORLD, CONGRESS AND AMERICA TO JUSTIFY WAR IN IRAQ!!!

Evidence proves from former cabinet members, white house staff, writers, british intel, senate and congressional investigations, etc, that Bush & Co "fixed" evidence around his desire to remove Hussein in order to impliment PNAC doctrine. Meanwhile, the real sources of 9/11, (Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin Laden, etc) remain uninvestigated and untouched nearly 4 years after their crimes in NYC! And while an innocent country is being flattened and becomes a training ground for killing Americans, real WMD is being developed by Iran and North Korea!!! Go figure. And you say Sheehan is a "professional victim" and liar? I hope and pray you are speaking from genuine ignorance, because if you are no more informed than the likes of NEWSWEEK for your sources, then you are most to be pitied and should be forced to petition for US citizenship until you get it right!!!

Dear Mrs Sheehan,

I can not even begin to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me, to have such resolve, such determination and principle. You are my heroine. Do not give up, do not faulter, the world stands with you.

Go Cindy! Feel proud your son died honorably. He was doing his duty to serve our great country.

Our great country does make mistakes and our history has few like Vietnam and the Civil War. Thank you so much for bringing the issue of Iraq to forefront.

I’m sorry I can’t make it to Texas, but please stay the path! I have followed up with contacting the media as you suggested. If I can be of more assistance please ask.


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