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Thomas J. Nagy: "Demand that Congress Go to Crawford to Aid Cindy"

Dear Ms. Sheehan,

First, let me express my deep sorrow at the death of your son.

Second, I encourage everyone to demand that members of congress go to Crawford to support you.

Ideally members of congress will bring along moms whose kids were killed by Bushist lies or whose lives were ruined or put at risk risked by the chickenhawk in chief.

Cindy, the congress members must support your demand for an explanation of your son’s death from the lead perpetrator of this illegal invasion and occupation, the mad executioner from Texas, George Bush.

It is particularly imperative that progressive congress people such as Reps. McKinney, Lee, and Conyers join you in Crawford immediately. They should also be joined in Crawford Reps. Bonior and McDermott, with whom I visited a water treatment plant in Baghdad, rendered inoperative by US sanctions, shortly before the invasion.

If Congress people like Rep. Kucinich and other progressive democrats as well as the sole independent, Rep. Sanders, act immediately to support you in a meaningful way, then perhaps the Democrats are not beyond redemption.

If, however, large numbers of the democrats t refuse to aid you with even such a minimal, but critical action as showing up in Crawford ASAP then we must face up to an additional challenge to holding Bush and his ilk accountable.

In that case, those of us who believe in peace through justice must realize that such a betrayed by the democrats is likely permanent. In that case, doesn't common sense demand that we abandon the Democratic Party which has so consistently betrayed us?

Are you listing Howard Dean and Sen. Kerry, the active supports of Bush’s plan to send even more service members to kill and be killed in Iraq?

The most prominent exception to any wholesale abandonment of the Democratic Party is Rep. Cynthia McKinney. She was robbed of her seat in congress for one term because of her "crime" of demanding peace and justice, even in the Middle East. Happily against all odds, she has achieved and deserves our continuing support.

If even the progressive Democrats won't support you immediately, then let’s put our money and energy into the Greens or some other party which possess a backbone in addition to a jawbone.

Finally, let's all urge friends and relatives near Crawford to meet with you and give you their tangible support. We and our relatives and friends should assume responsibility for paying your expenses as well as the expense of spreading the news of your brave testimonial to your son and your determination to end the slaughter of Americans and Iraqis alike.



Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor (on leave)
George Washington U., School of Business
Washington, D.C.

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Here is a copy of my letter about Bush to my Senator.Good Luck.
11 August 2005

Senator Lindsey Graham
101 East Washington Street, Suite 20
Greenville, SC 29601

Dear Senator:

America has a problem. It is clear that President Bush and his group committed fraud on the American people to justify an invasion wanted by Israel, the majority of the US news media, and a few neocons with close ties to Israel. This fraud has resulted in many dead and wounded Iraqis and Americans, a cost to the American people of billions of our dollars, and undreamed-of theft and off-the-books scummy business deals benefiting a select few. Do you think that we are all so stupid that we think saying Iraqi WMD are a danger to the US is the same as bringing democracy to Iraq? Also, Senator, using crudely forged documents to support a lie does not impress us. (Although it was impressive how you punished the poor guy who dared to tell the truth.)

Therefore, Senator, you must make the judgement. Is fraud resulting in death and the destruction of a country as much an impeachable offence as perhaps telling lies about having oral sex with a very willing adult of the opposite sex?

Many of us are fed up with the lies, bait-and-switch, slander, and ridicule being used as damage control for the fraud. We wonder, were all of you part of the scam or are you just supporting the scam to help the Republican Party? Is your loyalty to America or to Bush? The impression is that the Democrats and Republicans both have so much to hide that no one wants to rock the boat and end up in prison.

I have just finished reading a book by Robert B. Stinnett. Stinnett points out that the truth about the Pearl Harbour attack was still hidden from Strom, the Senate, and the American people as late as 1995. Was the Pearl Harbour scam (provoke, watch the attack coming, and use the result to justify war.) used as a script for 9-11 or was it even worse?

What´s next for America, Senator? It is time to impeach! Strom would speak up.

I am a US citizen, Army veteran, an SC voter, and a long time Republican supporter.

Hugh M. Williams, Ph.D.

Wow this is great. When Repulications like you, sir, can see the truth, then I believe there is hope. Let's face it the Republication Party of George Bush is not you party either. Our ( 50 million people can't be all wrong!) fight and Cindy Sheehan's fight is with George Bush and not you. I am sure there are many more moderate Republications like yourself who hate to see this great country of ours in the condition it is. So please talk to your fellow Repulications and join with us to rid our country of this scourge. Obviously George Bush is not going to change so we have three choices of action 1) do nothing..totally unacceptable 2) wait until the elections of 2006 and 2008 or 3) support impeachment now. Sir I implore you to contact your congressional Rep to support the Articles of Impeachment in the house Juduciary and support the efforts of Rep John Conyers and others. thank you for standing up and welcome to the fight.

Your letter inspired me. I wrote both of my senators, today, too. Congress must act! They were lied to before the Citizens were and need to do something quick, before the US gets tricked into attacking Iran, too.

I commend your action and your truth seeking mission. While this administration is trying to talk parents into realizing the benefits?? of their children's service in this pain-in-the-ass, unneccessary, hateful war and encouraging them to sign their kids up - WE SEE THE TRUTH!! And the truth of the matter is that GWB wants to use YOUR kids to quench his unsatiable thirst for blood $$$$ - not HIS children! Just ask Cindy - she personally knows! It's all a matter of integrity; this war has not even a hint of that. What FRAUD on the American PEOPLE!!

This is inspiring. I have written many letters to my elected officials in the last three years and it is always helpful to see examples from others. It gives me courage. Thank you for sharing it.

When ever I read the ramblings of you chicken livered dogooders, I want to throw up. You rectal orifices are always around to cry in your soup since the beginning of time. Thank God my safety in this country is not in your hands. I am only sorry I spent 8 years in the military to allow cowards like you SOCILEST LIBERAL COMMUNISTS to exist. This Cindy Sheehan DISHONORS her BRAVE SONS SACRIFICE in spouting out her selfish stupidity. PRESIDENT BUSH spent time in the AIR NATIONAL GUARD during his early years and could have been called to active duty and possible death just like HER son and hundereds of other mothers sons over the years. Most mothers have sense enough to HONOR there sons death, not DISHONOR IT. SARGENT DEL BOYER, US AIRFORCE.

Thank you for serving your country. I deeply respect your right to feel as you do, however much I disagree with your position. The Iraq war was started by this administration based on lies, which continue to this day. Our military should be used wisely, and not used for a politician's war. Iraq did not cause 9/11. They were attacked by people with an agenda, using the US military to do their dirty work. We need more investigation into the Downing Street Memos, quickly, before we get tricked into attacking Iran.

Please keep your comments civil.

Dear Sergeant Boyer,

I'm sorry that you feel compelled to express yourself in such a vulgar manner. I believe that this conduct is unbecoming of a noncommissioned officer in the US Air Force.

I would like to remind you sir that Cindy Sheehan is questioning the legality of an order given by your Commander-in-Chief. As you well know, it is the duty of all military personnel to ascertain that an order given by a superior officer is indeed lawful. As the mother of a fallen soldier, Cindy has certainly earned the right to inquire as to whether or not a presidental order to invade a soveriegn nation was based on a preponderance of lies.

My brother and I volunteered during Viet Nam. My brother didn't make it back. His name is now on a wall along with 55,000 other patriotic souls who gave their lives in a war based on a mountain of lies and deceit.

I understand your anger. We believed we were at war in Nam for noble reasons. I can't describe the pain when I learned that our leaders had duped us into a senseless and devastating war. I learned the hard way that we do have a duty to question our leaders.

There is substantial evidence now that President Bush was dishonest in his promotion of the invasion of Iraq and that he abused his power as Commander-in-Chief. We would be remiss in our duty as citizens to ignore this evidence. We need to hold President Bush accountable.

I would like to remind you that eleven days prior to Casey Sheehan's death, President Bush was making jokes about the fact that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. For those of us who have lost loved ones in illegal wars, it is difficult to see the humor.

Jerry Joseph


I also volunteered for duty and was sent to Vietnam in 1970 where I served with the 4th Marine CAG Unit in Quang Tri Province. We were seperated in to CAP units of anywhere to 12 to 17 soldiers and were stationed in villiages to train the locals in defending themselves against the communists. We never lost a village with over 100 CAP units in service.
I couldn't disagree with you more, during that time the ARVN and the villiagers along the Ben Hai river that we helped learned to defend themselves agaisnt the communists with our help and air cover.

Were were pulled out in January of 1971 as part of the downsizing of our presence in Vietnam and after that the villiages were overrun by NVA and most of our friends were raped and slaughtered. Men, women and children. The current crop of peace activists take credit for this and point to it as a great victory in the history of so called "Peace activism". I am glad they take credit for it.

By the way, when you start quoting the number of friends of ours who died there get the number right. There are 58,202 names on that wall. There are also another 2.7 Million people who were slaughtered in Vietnam and Cambodia after we left. All in the name of "Give Peace a Chance"


Sorry about the inaccuracy of the number killed in Viet Nam. That was a typo. I am painfully aware the number is 58,000.

I do understand your point - getting out of that mess was costly and gruesome. My point is that it was an illegal war based on a pack of lies to begin with. I think the Pentagon Papers alone prove beyond any doubt that we were deceived by our leaders. How many of these fiascos do we have to endure before we abide by the constitutional requirement that war can only be declared by Congress? Are you saying that we have no right to question whether or not a leader acted illegally?



What I am saying is that as far as i was told and still believe we were sent there to stop the advance of communism. We did that, of course until we left. I am not a fan of communism, you were there you saw how heartless it was. We left in my opinion because of so called "peace activists". That "peace" cost 2.7 million people their lives while the peace activists talked about how cool they were. I loved Veitnam and the people there, we let them down because of a bunch of people who didn't want to go to war, regardless the reason.

As to how we got there, I don't know. Ask Teddy Kennedy if his brother ever talked about it. I will not however ever think about the war as illegal. I will also never think that the friends who died there did so for some unknown reason. It was to stop communisnm and we did it until we were told it wasn't "cool anymore".

If you want to press your point about congress approving the current war, they did overwhelmingly. So did the senate.


You and I are in agreement about the horrific tragedy perpetrated on the people of Viet Nam.

I have spent 35 years researching how we were led into that war. Last year a documentary entitled "The Fog of War" came out. Robert McNamara, one of the folks who sold that war to us, has some interesting things to say.

In my mind, this isn't about Republicans and Democrats or right and left. Johnson played a huge role in deceiving the public about Nam.

As a citizen I will continue to demand that we abide by the Constitution. There was no declaration of war in Viet Nam and there certainly was no declaration of war in Iraq. The people of the United States are being dragged into wars without representation via our congressional representatives. We have been cut out of the decision making process. It occurs to me that this is how communism, fascism and Nazism work. Our founding fathers were deliberate in assuring that the citizens rather than the President would decide when we go to war through their elected representatives.


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