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Progressives Get Iraq Resolutions Ratified By Young Democrats of America

Progressives Get Iraq Resolutions Ratified By Young Democrats of America

PDA Champions Progressive Platform and Iraq Resolutions at Annual YDA Convention

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(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) — Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) achieved impressive victories last weekend at the annual convention of Young Democrats of America (YDA). The official youth arm of the Democratic Party, YDA has now officially ratified a resolution in support of the Resolution of Inquiry on the Downing Street Memo introduced on June 11 to the U.S. House of Representatives by Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) as well as a resolution to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq. PDA National Political Director Kevin Spidel mobilized progressives inside the YDA convention to get these measures passed.

YDA has more than 45,000 members in 780 chapters across 43 states. As such, YDA has considerable influence on the Democratic National Committee.

Spidel attended the YDA convention as both a delegate from Arizona to the YDA Platform Committee and on behalf of PDA. Through his leadership, YDA modified its language and platform planks to more accurately reflect the strong progressive movement within that body.

Text of the progressive resolutions passed by YDA are attached.


About Progressive Democrats of America
Progressive Democrats of America is one of the fastest growing political organizations in the country. PDA is currently active in all 50 states. PDA was formed to provide a counterbalance inside the Democratic Party to the Democratic Leadership Council. PDA has a national policy board of noteworthy leaders who are formulating the true Progressive position on issues of national security, economic progress, shared prosperity, sustainable ecology, equality for all, and a peaceful, just future. Learn more about Progressive Democrats of America by visiting:


Submitted by the Arizona Delegation
Sponsored by: California Delegation, Colorado Delegation, Illinois Delegation, Maryland Delegation, Massachusetts Delegation

Whereas the Bush Administration, using false intelligence estimates, misled the country into an illegal, unnecessary and unwise invasion and occupation of Iraq, a country that had neither attacked nor posed an immediate threat to the United States, thus jeopardizing our national security; and

Whereas the invasion and occupation have created a severe burden on our economy, stretched the capacity of our armed forces including Reserve and National Guard troops who are serving unexpectedly long and difficult tours in Iraq, and continues to cause deep concern at home and abroad about the policies and intentions of the United States to the point where the United States is widely regarded with suspicion, hostility and distrust, and elections in Iraq confirmed that Iraqis wish the United States to withdraw;

Whereas the actions of the United States of America in Iraq show that the United States wishes to establish permanent military bases in Iraq, in violation of Iraqi sovereignty;

Whereas more than 2000 US soldiers have been killed, thousands of US soldiers wounded, and untold thousands of Iraqi citizens killed, wounded or made homeless in the continuing conflict in Iraq;

Whereas more than 150 billion dollars have been spent for the Iraq occupation and, over the next year, the continuing occupation will take at lest an additional 81 billion dollars away from priorities at home;

Whereas our occupation or Iraq fuels the insurgency, which prolongs the destruction of Iraqi communities and infrastructure;

Therefore be it resolved that the Young Democrats of America

Show solidarity with State Democratic Parties of California, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin, whereby similar resolutions have been passed declaring an end of this occupation,
We show solidarity with our brothers and sisters of labor united under the AFL-CIO which additionally passed a similar resolution supporting an end to this occupation,
Supports our troops by recognizing the brave sacrifices they have made in the name of defense; understanding that political decisions urged by the Bush Administration has lead us to the current situation in Iraq, and that the soldiers in combat and support missions are not the focus of opposition against this occupation here at home,
Support Democratic leaders such as Rep. Barbara Lee who is working toward legislation opposing the continued military occupation of Iraq vis-à-vis military bases,
Support our Democratic leaders in taking in finding solutions for responsible, immediate withdrawal from Iraq,
Calls for the U.S. government to reject plans for a long-term presence in Iraq, except for those associated with normal diplomatic relations and a commitment to reparation for war damage.

Submitted by the Arizona Delegation
Sponsored by: California Delegation, Oregon Delegation, Washington Delegation, Colorado Delegation, Illinois Delegation, Maryland Delegation, Massachusetts Delegation

WHEREAS: Recent evidence in the form of official British Minutes have demonstrated that the President of the United States and his administration have knowingly manipulated pre-war intelligence and have "fixed" said intelligence "around the policy" for purposes of political gain.

WHEREAS: Forty One Democratic Members of the House of Representatives have sponsored Rep. Barbara Lee's House Resolution 375 calling for an investigation into this matter

WHEREAS: America's youth (including young Democrats) make up the major demographic serving in the Iraq War have a vested interest in knowing the intelligence was "fixed."

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That Young Democrats of America support Rep. Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry [H.Res. 375]



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