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No 10 refuses to reveal Iraq war e-mails

London Sunday Times
Read the Downing Street Memo

DOWNING STREET is refusing to release e-mails from a senior official relating to the attorney-general’s legal advice in the run-up to the Iraq war, raising suspicions that No 10 intervened at a crucial time.
It has admitted that an aide reporting to Tony Blair sent confidential e-mails relating to the advice just days before Lord Goldsmith, the attorney-general, issued a summary version of his legal advice which stated unequivocally that the war was legal.

His original advice, issued 10 days earlier on March 7, 2003 warned that a decision to go to war could be challenged in the international courts.

Until now the government has maintained that Goldsmith was left to get on with his work during this crucial 10-day period without political interference from Downing Street.

Last week, however, Downing Street admitted to The Sunday Times that during that period Baroness Morgan, until recently Blair’s director of government relations, sent e-mails “relating


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There are SO many "leaders" in the world that should be, by all rights, s****ing themselves right now. I say give them all colostomy bags so they don't smell so bad. May they all be exposed for exactly what they are...jerks who will let the human race go to h**l for their own personal profit. They don't deserve the time of day from decent people who care about our childrens' future.

Do you really expect "compassion" from our US leaders and the
leaders of our "allies/friends?" Power tends to corrupt and
absolute Power corrupts absolutely!!!

We are in bed with the "United Kingdom" - A fuckin' monarchy that
rules by "Divine Right", which by the way we have fought two
wars with. They have a "Ruling Class" and a "Common Class".

We are in bed with "Israel" - A fuckin Theocracy that thinks clipping a male child's foreskin makes them "God's chosen people" and has
a well documented history of its own "genocide programs".
Hell, they even attacked one of our ships, the USS Liberty, to try to trick us into going to war with Egypt for them.

We have completely turned our backs on France, without whom we
would not even have a country. We completely turned our backs
on the Soviet Union's "2nd Great Experiment of Equality" and spent
over 5 Trillion dollars to destroy it!!! These guys can't
even stand the fact that Castro has made the model work in Cuba and
insist that we overthrow him and turn Cuba back into a Mafia
"Pleasure Island for Rich Romans" and a "Sugar& Fruit Slave Plantation."

So, we reap what we sow. We have allowed a bunch of rich frat brats
to consoldate all the wealth of this great country into the war chests of less than 1% of our population using the Machiavellian
Tactics of the British Fascist Ruling class and the German Nazi
"Propaganda Master" WAR CRIMINALS that we smuggled out under
"Operation Paperclip!!"

Our "experts" have authorized the use of "mind altering" drugs to
be used on millions of children and millions of adults (oh, it's not
that the situtation is screwed up, it's YOU that is screwed up . .
here, have a little pill and go watch TV until it is time for you to report back to your WAGE-SLAVE Work Shifts and remember . . .

All so a handful of dysfunctional Patriarchal Males can play
"Caesar". What a great "noble and just cause" to sacrifice the
children for . . . to die for the Glory of Rome.

Well, these "Little Hitlers" are going to be crapping their pants
a lot more because every day an exponential number of "Spartacus"
revolutionaries are waking up and yelling, "BULLSHIT!!!"

Let's just hope it's not too late already!

Is there a global equivalent to the Federal Grand Jury system?

How do you go about getting a Nuremberg Tribunal set up? Which body oversees it?

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