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Photos from Today's Rally in Crawford

Here are a couple of links to posts at Democratic Underground from people who were at the rally in Crawford today. Please note that there are quite a few photos, so they may slow in loading for those who are on a dial-up connection.

just returned from crawford rally

Photos from Crawford Rally Today

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I must say I am angry that Ms. Sheehan is aiding the enemy. She and others like her are only hurting this country. I am sorry about her son and all the other sons and daughters that were killed in war, but her son JOINED the service. I think if Ms. Sheehan would take that cap off and go home and be a lady she would be liked a lot more.
The enemy is watching and listening to us - so shut up!

It is up to us to make sure that the wars we send our soldiers to are honorable ones. Our youth does sign up for the military for many reasons. We need to make sure it is a just war. This one is not.

I think I have figured out what I want to do next in my life. I was thinking of building a huge amusement park similar to Disney World in Florida. But I want to make this park much more than the one in Florida. Now is the question as to where to build this humongous park. Hmmmm I have had many thoughts on where to build it. Hey I know of 1600 acres near Crawford Texas that I could build it. The only thing is there is someone that owns the 1600 acres right now. I need to see if this person is willing to sell it. no wait a minute. I could use eminent domain and the kelo case to secure the 1600 acres to build my park (Hooooray for me). I think that will work. I hope George W. Bush does not get to angry at me for taking his ranch to use for an amusement park. I think I also have a name for the park. I will name it “FREEDOM PARK

First..and foremost..we love our children all. We care about our men and women in Iraq.

If we didn't we would want them to stay and then possibly go on to Iran. I hardly feel that is caring about our military men and women as the insurgents are gaining more, better equipment and they are expanding and our president, rove, cheney, rice, rumsfiled feel we should stay during a civil war and possibly gain more oil. Now there is a reason our troops will not feel wonderful support from those that want them to stay under any circumstance. That is insane. It's as if they are commanded to stay and that is caring?? Who in their right mind could feel such craziness?? We want them safe because we care. Those that feel this country will not be attacked with few troops on the Home Front due to taking the war there should rethink there positon. There are, as reported by the news, plenty that could do the horrors we have been warned. What are we winning in Iraq?
Respect? It seems all the oil countries are not safe from us...

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