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Latest from Crawford

I spoke with Jodie Evans in Crawford a bit ago. She added a little to the reports that can be read at TruthOut. Jodie said that as 300 cars arrived at Camp Casey following the rally at the football stadium, it looked "like Field of Dreams." Cindy wept at the sight, Jodie said.

There were at one point today about 400 people at Camp Casey and about 150 counter-demonstrators across the road (no longer, due to pouring rain). The pro-war people asked to meet with Cindy, and Cindy said that she would meet with a mother of a soldier who died in Iraq, a mother who supports continuing the war. That meeting is supposed to happen this afternoon, Jodie said.

Apparently Cindy is willing to meet with someone who disagrees with her. I'm guessing she didn't learn that from any example set by the White House.

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Anger is a normal stage in the grieving process. In this case, the anger is directed in the wrong direction. Our soldiers enlist of their own will. They enlist KNOWING this could happen. My guess is, her son would be very embarrassed and hurt right now. Every soldier I have had the pleasure of conversing with believes in what they are doing. Her son was a hero! In her ad, she asks what cause? We didn't go in there to liberate a country (nor for oil, or why am I paying $2.45 for low octane feul????) but since the intelligence was wrong, we now OWE it to the Iraqi people to help them. Iraqi citizens are dying all the time standing in line to JOIN the fight for their country. Cindy loses all credability by joining with the likes of Michael Moore, and the like. The American people are losing what sympathy they had for her. It's okay to grieve. It's okay to be angry. It's unhealthy to make a way of life out of it, however, and to blame people/things that did not infact cause the death. I support our President, as well as, our troops. God bless them, each and every one. I appreciate what the soldiers do. I also appreciate what the families go through. It IS for a cause, and a noble one. Most of us go through this life making little if any difference in this world. These soldiers and their families are writing history. They are saving and freeing a whole country! I am sad everytime we lose a soldier. I also imagine that everytime Saddam tortured, raped, and killed any one of THOUSANDS that they had Mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. I imagine that they felt angry and powerless, much as Cindy does. I believe they wanted to change things. I also believe they are thankful we are there and that someone FINALLY came to help.

Cindy supports our troops too...she just does'nt support our president. Cindy's anger is not just associated with her grief, its because of the lies and deceit of this President and his administration. You say you support our president and the Iraq war was a noble cause...READ THE DOWNING STREET MEMOS. If you are brave enough, read the memos. You can find them at or Combine those facts with the Plame/Niger/Yellowcake forgery, The Dueffler weapons reports, the 9-11 commission report, and many other official reports and everything Bush has ever said, turns out to be a lie. If you support Bush are not paying attention.

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