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Pro-Bush and anti-Iraq war demonstrators square off in Texas

CRAWFORD, United States (AFP) - Hundreds of demonstrators against the war in
Iraq squared of with others rallying in support of President George W. Bush, outside Bush's vacation home.

Protestors seeking a US withdrawal from Iraq gathered near Bush's ranch for a rally and were met, in this tiny town of 750, by a group of Bush supporters.

The squaring off stirred up Crawford, usually sweltering quietly in August heat. About 1,000 people swarmed into town and police came out in force.

The antiwar protest was launched a week ago by Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a US soldier killed in Iraq in April 2004. She decided to camp outside Bush's ranch until he meets with her, and to demand a withdrawal of the 138,000 US troops.

Asked Saturday about the presence of Bush supporters opposite the anti-war protestors, Sheehan said "I don't want to argue with them. This is their right as Americans to do what they do, and we realize that."

Thomas Zapp, the father of another soldier killed in Iraq in November 2004, came to rally for Bush and "talk to Cindy."

"She expresses her opinion and I want to express mine to her. She has no right to call Bush a murderer and to compare him to
Saddam Hussein," he said.

Some 1,840 US troops have been killed in Iraq since the war began in March 2003.

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Mr. Zapp, you said you wanted to talk to Cindy. Maybe you should listen to what she has to say and understsand the reasons why she is saying that Bush "murdered" her son. You sir have every right to support Bush. Mrs. Sheehan also has every right to criticize Mr. Bush and hold him responsible for sending our fine young military men and women into Iraq on false pretenses. I realize you probably get your information from sources that sanitize that information for yur consumption. You choose to limit your sources of information to the sanitized materials. Some of the rest of us are not satisfied with the MSM, main stream media, work on this important matter.

For your information, this entire site resulted from the Downing Street Minutes which were published May 1, 2005 in the Sunday Times of London for the first time. Briefly, the document recounted a July 2002 meeting at the British Prime Minister's residence, 10 Downing Street. A high ranking British intelligence official was reporting to Blair about a meeting he had just returned from with Tenet and Rice in Washington.

The official reported that Bush had already decided to invade Iraq based upon a combination of WMD and terrorism, but the INTELLIGENCE WAS BEING FIXED AROUND THE POLICY. Saddam was not a threat to the US or his neighbors and Bush was seeking "regime change" which is not an internationally accepted legal rationale for war.

So Mr. Zapp, I suggest you take the time to carefully review the evidence which Cindy Sheehan and others of us who oppose Bush have already reviewed. By the way, you will not hear about the Downing Street Minutes on the Fox Propaganda Channel. You will have to do a little research and actually read rather than react to the spoon fed drivel you are used to from FPC.

After you have informed yourself, I suggest you then come back and enter into an intelligent discussion with Mrs. Sheehan. I suspect 2 things: 1, your are not going to do the research, and 2, you are incapable of thinking for yourself so you allow FPC to conveniently do your thinking for you just like a lot of other lazy pathetic "loyal Americans".

Try looking beyond your nose, Mr. Zapp. Fox News is a puppet of Bushco and will only broadcast news that passes muster from the neocoms. Have you heard about the 11th commandment? It is this "Thou Shalt not Think"! But let Fox News do your thinking for you!I think that fits you just right!

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