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"Anne Wright And The Man In The Truck"

[This is a very moving and poignant true glimpse into the lives of people visiting and staying at Camp Casey. It is the first in an ongoing series from the Upbeat Defiance site.]

Posted by Sapphire on 2005/8/13 11:27:17

Annie Spell called in this morning to share some brief glimpses into the lives and personalities of the people who have joined them at Camp Casey. I've debated what order to share these stories in, wanting to ensure that each and every story was read, because they are all so powerful, so moving. How was I to choose?

I've decided to trust in the process, to trust that each story will be heard. One story, however, clearly had to be first. And interestingly enough, this story involves a man who is not particularly supportive of Cindy's efforts. Yet it is his story, above all others, that has moved most of us to near tears.

So let me first introduce you to "Anne Wright And The Man In The Truck."

Anne Wright is another one of the, what Annie Spell calls, "head honchos of the camp." Anne is lovingly referred to as the "Camp Commandantè." As a 20 year military vet, she is a member of Veterans for Peace. Annie says of Anne, "She has a wonderful smile. When you see her, you instantly think of her as a good friend."

Yesterday, Camp Casey was on high-alert. They were aware that the counter protesters were expected to arrive yesterday afternoon, so everyone was being hyper vigilant. Of key importance to everyone involved with the organization of Camp Casey was the idea that our vigil sitters remain calm and peaceful.

As everyone was going about their business, waiting for the counter protesters to arrive, a man drove up in a huge diesel pickup truck. You know the kind, with the big doolie wheels and such. He parked right in the center of the triangle – right in the space no one from Camp is supposed to be. He parked in such a way that the front end of his truck was facing directly towards the tents where Cindy and the other military families sleep – and where all the crosses of fallen soldiers have been erected.

The man sat in his truck for quite some time while our people looked on and waited to see what he intended. After a while, one of the vets from Camp Casey walked up to the man’s truck and informed him that no one was allowed to park in the triangle. The gentleman identified himself as the father of a fallen soldier. Anne Wright walked up to this man’s truck and began speaking with him through his rolled down window. He told her that he did not support what Cindy and the others are doing at Camp Casey, but he wanted to come and see if his son’s name was on one of the crosses. Anne invited him to come walk the crosses with her. The man got out of his truck and went with Anne to move up and down the rows of crosses, looking together for his son’s name. When they found it, they sat down in front of it, wrapped their arms around each other and cried together.

The entire Camp was affected by this event. I suspect that there were few dry eyes in our little corner of Crawford yesterday afternoon. I know that even as Annie related this story to me, I was choking up and having a very difficult time typing as she spoke, her voice cracking as she related the tale. Much has been said on both sides of this issue about what is “right

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Now, that's what I call taking the high road.

I am speechless with emotion; what a tragic, touching story. "Blessed are the peacemakers"...thank you Anne

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