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THE IN-LAWS: A Cindy Sheehan cartoon

From Daily Kos
by Tony Seybert
Sat Aug 13th, 2005 at 07:59:02 PDT


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I posted this at My Left Wing yesterday. My Left Wing now has three semi-regular cartoon features, and it is a blast to log on and see cartoons on the front page. mental debris contributes "The Fuss Bunnies," dhonig does "The Jew Boy Speaks," and I have a cartoon called Duckerford B. Hayes, that started out as a vicious attack on the cosmic lamenosity of Mallard Fillmore, but soon took on a like of its own. ("The In-Laws" is part of the Duckerford B. Hayes series.)

Check out My Left Wing for the progressive blogosphere's cartoon renaissance!

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Seems like a descent to the same level as some of those who are attacking Cindy Sheehan's POV. Let's take the high road.

By following the party-line intead of seeking the truth about Casey's death, the in-laws have taken the lowest road possible. How ignorant these grandparents are, by blindly following lies instead of investigating further. How did they so easily abandon their pro-life platform that has been repugnantly replaced with a blood for oil platform that has murdered their own grandson Casey? IF they only investigated the background of the intel of the war even before 9/11, they would be shocked and devastated that they are choosing Cheney and his PNAC thugs over their own flesh and blood. Cindy has probably forgiven them in her heart, for she probably knows her in-laws are ignorant of the truth.

The cartoon doesn't point to ignorance -- a curable fault that we all share in some measure BTW. It implies that some members of a dead soldier's family can't even get his name right.

To me, that's a low slur. I think we should aspire to higher forms of criticism as befits those who despise such attacks on others.

The cartoon shows that the grandparents are ignorant of the cause of their grandson's death, granted in a satirical way . Satire and cartoons are traditional free speech forums to get truth across to the general public quickly. Of course, the general public should investigate the facts that killed Casey, but so should the grandparents . If anyone should have investigated the truth behind their grandson's death , it is the grandparents. But they are following a fascist philosophy without question. This is far more dangerous than a satirical cartoon that opens eyes to start investigating the truth behind Casey's death. Ignorance can kill, while the truth will set others' grandchildren free.

I married one of those "insane broads" from a "NEO CON Born Again"
family. (The "insane broad" line is floating around "as-if" a
quote by Cindy Sheehan's family members in an official press-release. I haven't verified this, yet.) Anyway, . . .

I met my wife at the North Carolina Governor's school when we were teens (This is where all the "Malcolms in the Middle",
otherwise known as "Gifted and/or Talented" kidz go during
the summer here in North Cakillacki)

She went to the Philadelphia School of Art, East Carolina University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she got her bachelor's and master's degrees in Fine Art.

She has shown her work internationally and developed the art
Curriculum for the Wake Tech Art Department. She has traveled in Europe researching art and religious history of both the Patriarchal
periods and the previous Matriarchal periods. The woman is perhaps
the most incredible person I have ever met!! What she is doing
hanging out with this old Yippy is beyond me!! But my point is . . .

Her "Born Again" brother and his "Born Again" wife won't let their "Christian Children" visit us or have anything to do with us because my wife's art work is, and I quote, "LIKE THE DEVIL"
and we are "Liberals headed for H-E-double-toothpicks."
(Uh, and you can forget Harry Potter . .. that is RIGHT out!!!)

So much for love and tolerance, eh? If I didn't know better,
I would think that maybe the Protestant Reformation had been
hi-jacked by a bunch of Fascists that were using "Fear of Hell" to
create "Hitler Youth." But, we all know better than that, don't
we? Who would want to set a bunch of frightened and ignorant
children against Middle Class Liberals?? Cui Bono? Who
could that ever benefit???? It's beyond me . . . ;-)


Have to say, I agree. I can totaly understand the point of the cartoon and the innuendo is expressed well.
But I'm so tired of this kind of stuff, from either "side".
When taken, the "higher road" just feels better in the long run.
I personally am NOT always on it, but in the moments when I do take the high road, I like it better.

Yes, it does feel better. It's also the best way to distinguish oneself from one's attackers. Whether we're talking about individuals or nations, both self-image and projected attitudes are important to winning the battle in the long run.

Furthermore, if ignorance is the true concern (as opposed to merely scoring points) taking the high road is much more likely to correct the problem. For a touching example, see the article posted here.

The grandparents letter that was sent out publicly was LIES meant to kill truth and a peace movement driven by what really murdered Casey.

Cartoons are historically used to get the truth out to as many people as quickly as possible about so many evils in society ever since newspaper first went into print. Many people would not ivestigate the truth if their eyes were not opened first.

We distinguish ourselves from our attackers by dis-avowing their violence and their war. We are FREE to speak the truth, even in an art form.

Good grief! The reaction seems to suggest that somebody struck a nerve merely by suggesting that this cartoon may not be the most elegant form of satire (or whatever it's supposed to represent) and that we can do better on the "high road".

Being "free to speak the truth" (whatever that may be) is a non-issue here. Nobody denying anyone's first amendment right to speak and publish whatever they choose. But the way to dispell ignorance is through knowledge and I see no such contribution in that cartoon.

I totally suport and understand what you are saying here.
I even agree. The cartoon form serves a purpose. But I speak only from personal experience in my post above and it has shown me that there is a never-ending loop to pointing out the faults of the "other". I have come to question the effectiveness of
it.....even when it is well-intended. I guess, at some point I thought there has got to be a better way. Though, I totally support freedom to speak out. This is a good topic, Thanks.

(or had you noticed? ;) I grew up with comic books, Mad Magazines, comic strips, and satirical newspaper cartoons. I did not know an op-ed from a blog back then. In my high school journalism class we could choose the medium we wanted to do a term paper: I chose comic strips. Satirical cartoons are not about "haha", but more of an "aha", and is usually an irreverant genre (which is why I was so anxious as a teenager to do a term paper on them!) They began as a weapon of TRUTH, ironically, against the original "yellow journalism" scandals, which is what we are experiencing today with the MSM. While blogs are more, shall we say , highbrow , satirical cartoons capture an audience that may not have time to read and read every word after lovely word (oops, I got a tad sarcastic there). My point is , satirical cartoons, while not the most polite form of journalism, is still a genre and is VERY effective>>> Sort of like those horrible anti-war rock songs my parents used to hate so much .

It's unfortunate that this administration has so lead this great nation down the low, and then the lower roads. It's hard to know if there is a bottom, with the neocons.

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