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It Takes a Village to Smear Cindy Sheehan

by Arianna Huffington
The Huffington Post

The right wing attacks on Cindy Sheehan -- desperate, pathetic, and grasping at straws -- expose much less about their target than about the attackers.

I mean, trying to slime a grieving Gold Star mom because she is inconveniently questioning the reasons her son was sent off to die in Iraq? Why that would be like trashing a much-decorated war hero or outing an undercover CIA agent…

Oh, right…

How much longer can the Bushies get away with mauling the very values they profess to stand for before their supporters start getting wise to the fact that the only value they really value is power?

Think about it, they’ve shown absolutely no compunction about turning the sleaze machine on an undercover agent who’d spent her career working to protect us from weapons of mass destruction, a Silver Star/Purple Heart veteran who volunteered to fight in a war the administration chickenhawks gamed the system to avoid, and now the mother of a dead soldier.

The right wing smear machine whirrs on -- using its media mouthpieces to do this dirtiest of dirty work. First it was the lie that Sheehan had, in the words of Drudge, “dramatically changed her account

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I am so tired of the filth spewed on these right-wing stations. Is it at all possible that a totally new broadcast TV news station can be set up and financed by George Soros? He supports our side and was extremely generous during the 2004 campaign.
Just wondering ..........CAN THIS BE DONE???

As I recall, when the first soldier was killed in bush's folly the media found his family and swarmed on them like a pack of hungry dogs. The soldier's poor grieving father was seen furious with the president, "You killed my son," or something along those lines. Within 24 hours though, to my recollection, please correct me if I'm wrong, he was giving his support to president junior. I remember because we were joking rather cruelly, who got to him?

No one on the left would ever be so disgusting to pull that footage of the grieving father of the very first American casualty in this abhoration to use as propaganda. I feel confident that no one on my side would ever be so low and ask this poor man, "How can you say one thing one minute, and something else the next? How can you sell out your son to the man that killed him for free oil and no bid contracts? Who got to you? How can you flip-flop like that?"

My parents taught me that when bullies start to push you around and call names not to sink to their level, to turn the other cheek. I know that most of us are trying to rise above the ugly, filthy tactics of these scumbags. Wouldn't it be great though, if we could loose our scruples just long enough to run an ad campaign featuring a parent who first grieves over the loss of their child to a war based on lies, then fip-flops and steps in line.

Or, what if someone had published the topless pictures of brave Pfc. Jessica Lynch? Would she have been called a traitor by these thugs?

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