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We Have the Power

by Cindy Sheehan
The Huffington Post
Posted at 12:52 AM

My day started way too early today. After 3 hours of sleep, I was being shaken awake by someone at 6:30 a.m. telling me that the Today show wanted me to be on. I had come into town to sleep in a trailer because my tent had been infested with fire ants.

We had a very interesting day. We had Bush drive by really, really fast twice. I caught a glimpse of Laura. I was hoping after she saw me that she would come down to Camp Casey with some brownies and lemonade. I waited for her, but she never came.

The Bushes were going to a barbeque/fundraiser down the road from us. I was very surprised that they let us stay so close to Bush. The families of the fallen loved ones held their son's crosses from Arlington West while Bush drove by. I bet it didn't even give him indigestion to see so many people protesting his murderous policies.

I am a continued thorn in the side of right-wing bloggers and right wing-nut "journalists." One man, Phil Hendry, called me an "ignorant cow." But you know what, the people who have come out from all over the country to give me a hug and support the cause of peace, overwhelms me so much, I don't have time to worry about the negativity and the hatred. The people who are slamming me have no idea about what it feels like to unjustly have a child killed in an insane war. Plus, they have no truth to fight truth with, so they fight truth with more lies and hate.

Three active duty soldiers from Ft. Hood came to visit me and tell me that they really appreciated what I was doing and that if they were killed in the war, their moms would be doing the same thing. That made me feel so good after all of the negativity I had been hearing from the righties. I also got to hold a couple of toddlers on my lap while their mom or dad took pictures of us. I am honored that people have resonated with the action that I took to make our mission of ending the war a reality.

We are here at the Crawford Peace House now. I came here so angry and I have been so encouraged and overwhelmed by the support from all over. I was thinking that there is no reason for us progressive liberals to be angry anymore. We have the power. One mom has shown that ordinary citizens can make a difference. We the people have to hold George Bush accountable. We have to make sure he answers to us. If he doesn't have to answer to Congress, or the media, we will force him to answer to us.


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Cindy, you are one week in to the protest and your eloquence and dignity stand in stark contrast to the shallow shameful conduct of the entire right wing cult.

God bless you and the others there in Crawford with you. A growing majority of Americans are awakening and starting to see the light you are shining with this cause.

Good morning Cindy, and everyone else with you, may your day go by without harm from those who don't understand that war is never the answer! Maybe, this will be the day that Bush comes to his senses!

But, I won't hold my breath because even though Bush says he seeks advice from a "higher authority" it appears this authority isn't the God of peace.

Cindy, you stand miles above your critics, and for your millions of supporters, you are our Champion!

You made a huge difference in my life recently and I want to share that with you and anyone else reading this. In June my son enlisted in the Army, against everything I have heard him say about this war in Iraq and war in general. I emailed you and others for help, thinking I had to make peace with my son, who is 25, going to Iraq. You told me "he can't go" and gave me your cell phone number. You told me to have him call you.

Cindy, it was your conviction that my son could not go into the Army that gave me the will to fight to keep him here. If he were 18, I would have been compelled to do this, but at 25 he seemed able to make this decision on his own. I now realize he made the decision based on the typical half-truths recruiters tell possible recruits and on the dangerous truth they leave out.

After a long, soul-searching talk with my son, and with support from his anti-Iraq-war grandfather (a WWII & Korean War Vet), my son wrote a letter to get out of the delayed entry program.

If it had not been for you, I would have accepted his decision and might have lost him forever. He has rejoined the peace movement, his beliefs even stronger now, and we'll be in Washington on Sept. 24. Thank you, Cindy. Love, Peace, and Prayers

You have my support. I am an average black woman who has really never been politically active. But I do take it serious to vote. I also believe strongly in many causes and my friends and family know this.

I hate the war and don't undertand it. Most of my family and friends don't understand it either. We talk about it, but nothing is done to show our anger and frustration at the number of US casualties. I am sorry that your son died and I would be mad to and demand an answer from the President. He needs to meet with you and respect you because your son gave the ultimate sacrifice.

When I heard about you, I said ok this is it- grassroots. I encourage you and pray for you and the supporters there. Know that many Americans and others are encouraged by your courage to fight and demand an answer from the president.

You go!!

First, I want to express to you how very sorry I am for your loss. You and many others are grieving such terrible losses. You have every right to be hurt and angry. However from articles and reports it seems that your son CHOSE to serve his country. Many, many men and women have served and made tremendous sacrifices throughout the history of our nation. Their sacrifices provided you the continued right to stand on the side of the road and DEMAND another meeting with President Bush. There are so many other people with such losses as yours, but they have chosen to use dignity in expressing their beliefs about whether they are for or against this war. Your actions, I'm sorry to say, is like spitting on your son's life and his sacrifice. He didn't want to die. No one in war wants to be killed or half destroyed physically and/or emotionally. However your son, whether he agreed about the war or not was there, stayed there and carried out his oath of duty. Please don't disgrace his decisions, his life, and his death putting "your" needs, opinions, and deeds above ---yes, above his decisions, life and death. That's like saying he didn't count!

It may be just rumor, but I've heard from reports that Michael Moore or whatever his name is in Hollywood is backing you. Please don't let someone---anyone like him use you and your loss--to further his cause.
When you are on camera the way you sound and appear is that this is more about your personal loss, your 15 minutes in the spotlight---just go back and read this report you put out this morning. Mr. Bush has many more important things to do than to give you another audience when he has thousands of other family members he might like to visit with, critical issues to take care of regarding terrorists in our country. Have you looked around? You may have one in your little following! Look at how Bush has aged----and you think he's doesn't care? I don't agree with everything he does, but these men who are our Presidents are just human beings. Some are better than others. Could you do any better as President? Would you want that honor---that burden---those life and death decisions to make everyday only to have people belittling, criticizing, ridiculing, and even threatening you? If you can do better, run for President. Who knows you may have every right answer to our country's problems!

Again, I'm sorry for your loss. But Cindy, go home, do something POSITIVE to honor your son, honor yourself that you raised such a brave responsible young man that stayed to fight even though he may have been filled with terror. Give love and support to the wives, mothers, fathers, and many, many children who have lost their loved one. Your son would be very proud that you might be helping children and others ----just as he probably helped his buddies in Iraq.
You've made your point ---the nation has heard your anger, hurt, and grief. It's time to go home and honor your son and his life.

Even though I am a stranger, my heart aches for your son and all the other young people over there. But my heart aches also for all the innocent children in that area of the world who have to live and learn ---and die --or worst be crippled--because of the evil people who brainwash them about what their religion dictates according to the zealots own personal twisted beliefs. Thank God and our brave fighting men and women who do their best to keep it from happening here.

I hope that God will bless you with some peace and easing of grief, Cindy. But as I said it's time to go home.


Nancy or Sharon or whatever your evildoer embedded name is , go home. Stop spreading your embedded fascism. Stop encouraging Bushco and PNAC to spread control over MidEast oil using blood. Bush chose this war, NOT Casey, so Bush's twins should enlist to support their Daddy's oil god. But the Bush twins do not stand up for their Daddy's LIES>>>Why? Because the Bushco PNAC Fascists are typical cowards that would rather lie to Casey and millions of other people around the world for oil, money, power and greed. God is good, WHO WOULD JESUS BOMB? Noone, that's who. Go crawl back under the rock you crawled from under, oh you evil embedded one. TRUTH speaks louder than LIES.


At least you expressed condolences for Cindy's loss. Thank you. Please educate yourself about the war. Read the documents on the this website (the left hand side of the home page). Yes, it was Casey's choice to join the military, but it was not his choice to be sent to die in an illegal, immoral war based on lies. This is not about Cindy's 15 minutes or being used by a political group. This is about a mother who wants to prevent others from feeling the pain she has endured for a lie.

Be of good courage Cindy. Many, many of us in this country understand what this pain is. Just as with the Vietnam war, this country will soon move out of its state of denial and awaken to the evil of this aggression.

1600 ACRES of Bu$h Family Land & ( Jesus Christ ) NO ROOM at the INN... Another Multi-Millionaire Local & Global Monopoly

Not Sharing their Land... Says It All…

And the Selfishness… Continues…

( Yet Another GET $$$ MORE MONEY Buy the USA… Bu$h fundraiser, Just Up the Road… Yesterday )

The Bu$h Family Multimillionaire Class Buy USA Elections

That Is… In it-self… TREASON

Bush Gangsters… Steal, Use, Monopolize,

More Than Their Share of the Planets, Land, Resources et al.

And What does this - GREED - Do/Say to the Children of the USA

NOT Sharing his Land with a fellow Americans… Cindy & Friends

Let them use my ditch… I am King Bu$h, I have my 1600 Hundred Acer Castle/Ranch with no cattle…

What a JOKE

AND… All the While… People Live… NOT Owning any land…

ON two Dollar a Day… Around the World.

This whole story… ( 4-me ) JUMPs UP and… Shows It All…

It’s Time 2 Impeach and Jail those

Who support the Bush Family of Gangsters & Friends

They must be STOPPED… NOW !!! before it’s 2 late

From Killing OUR American Democracy and the Environment

More about all this at… ( Re-Written ) DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE

at Thank, U Roger Drowne EC

Keep up the good work Cindy. I am so proud of you.

I'm working on setting up Camp Casey here in South Florida to support you since I cannot stand with you in Crawford. I hope it will be at the Broward County Courthouse on Hollywood Blvd. if others will like to join me. I can't be there all the time because of my kids. I hope others will fill in for me when I have to leave to take care of my children's homework and dinner.

I stand behind you in asking the question, what is the nobel cause? And how come Mr. Bush won't put his skin in the game if it is so nobel? These questions need to be answers. We all need to know why our country has caused the death of so many. He needs to give you answers. I know you won't settle for the BS answers. I know you will demand the truth.

Peace be in you Cindy Sheehan, Peace be inside all of us.
Love you my thick skin friend :)
Cindy Fetzer

For anyone who doesn't agree with Cindy's pilgrimmage to Crawford I will share this with you:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Matthew 5:4

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.
Matthew 5: 6

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.
Matthew 5:9

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:10

Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Matthew 5:11

Thou shall not kill
Exodus 20:13

And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.
Isaiah 2:4

Greet one another with the kiss of Christian love. May peace be with all of you who belong to Christ.
1 Peter 5:14

You must turn away from evil and do good; you must strive for peace with all your heart.
1 Peter 3:11

And goodness is the harvest that is produced from the seeds the peacemakers plant in peace.
James 3:18

Try to be at peace with everyone, and try to live a holy life, because no one will see the Lord without it.
Hebrews 12:14

May the Lord himself, who is our source of peace, give you peace at all times and in every way.
2 Thessalonians 3:16

The peace that Christ gives is to guide you in the decisions you make; for it is to this peace that God has called you together in the one body.
Colossians 3:15

God has called you to live in peace.
1 Corinthians 7:15

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
Matthew 22:39

For the whole Law is summed up in one commandment: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."
Galatians 5:14

A child is born to us! A son is given to us! And he will be our ruler. He will be called, "Wonderful! Counselor," "Mighty God," "Eternal Father," "Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6


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