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Bush Avoids Sheehan Like He Owes Her Child Support

President can run, but he cannot hide
by Michael Ascot

CRAWFORD, TX -- (OfficialWire) -- 08/13/05 -- It's shameful really. This president is a coward. He likes to talk the big talk, like "Bring 'em on...", "We'll hunt 'em down..." and the like, but actually, George W. Bush is a coward with nothing much to say.

Evidence of the expanding yellow streak down the backside of America's Commander-in-Chief is his continued refusal to meet with Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Sadr City, Iraq, on April 4, 2004. Sheehan and her supporters are maintaining a roadside encampment—Camp Casey—close to the president's Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford.

Sheehan, 48, traveled to the 'Western White House' one week ago after Bush said that fallen U.S. troops had died for a 'noble cause' and that the mission must be completed.

Sheehan wants to talk to the president, to ask him some questions.

"I want to ask the president, 'Why did you kill my son? What did my son die for?" Sheehan told reporters. "[Last week], you said my son died for a noble cause' and I want to ask him what that noble cause is?"

But Bush won't meet with Sheehan.

What's the president afraid of? I mean, I'm sure if he asks, Cindy will let him bring Laura or even Uncle Dick along for moral support.

While you're thinking about that, click here to have a look at yesterday's cartoon by Pat Oliphant. He's got that one spot-on eh?


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Isn't it a paradox that the World's most powerful elected official has the power to vapourise and carbonise the World, virtually at his fingertips. Yet he's scared stiff of meeting a grieving mother.

Bush won't admit he's wrong ever - that's his strategy. And, for the uninformed, even sometimes intelligent although mainly not so smart supporters he has, that's enough. It's the way an authoritarian personality operates. He couldn't win on logic and would be seen as hopelessly inarticulate to meet with Cindy whose eloquence is six fold what Bush's is. To ignore Cindy is Bush's only "strength." The media is doing a great job of cooperating with him, too. Last night on Gwen's PBS Washington Week - which really should be called Washington WEAK - the journalists danced around talking about Cindy, but never quoted her as her remarks would tarnish Bush.

I'm so sorry for the death of your son,Cindy.
You're right to keep bringing it back to Bush and this administration. IF GWB had kept to his search for Osama instead of setting up his war in Itaq, perhaps we would not have so many dead.
We don't even have the truth about 9/11 yet. Don't let GWB get away with tying 9/11 to Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
We have the proof GWB and Blair set this whole Iraq war up. Why in the name of God can't we get this man impeached?
You will be attacked time and time again. I commend you on being able to keep the truth in front of the public. I'm just having a hard time in seeing why some do not see it!
Thank you ,Cindy ,from the bottom of my heart. WE can see the TRUTH, if others refuse to open their eyes and refuse to hold this man accountable for so much death and distruction!
I love my country. I support the troops. I do not love or support this "fake" war or the criminals in this administration!

Out maneuvered by a middle aged housewife from California, little George Stupid is in a no win situation, caught betwen Iraq and a hard place or more accurately between Cindy Sheehan and hard place. Little George Stupid will not meet with Cindy Sheehan because there is no noral or legal justification for this insanely stupid war and the only answers he can give her are more bull shit and Cindy will throw his bull shit right back into his face. Little George Stupid has been out maneuvered, if he refuses to meet with Cindy he is labeled a coward, insensitive, arogant and the continued media coverage keeps his lies and failed Iraq war in the publics conciousness. If he meets with Cindy then she will have the opportunity to expose all his lies and failed, insane Iraq war policies. Heads Cindy wins, tails little George Stupid loses. All the kings horses and all the kings men could not put Humpty George back together again!

That makes a great poster! Take a look... (converting to pdf now and will make file available free to anyone who wants one)

Exactly! little george stupid can't meet with Cindy because he has no answer to her questions. When you do something so morally and legaly wrong, any answer you give is easily shown to be just that!

"Smoke em out"

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