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Current Editorials: Republicans Engaged in Heavy-Artillery Shill Spam Campaign

Posted by spatula on Aug. 12, 2005

I don't know who is organizing it, but I can see its effects: the Republicans have launched an all-out war on the mother of a young man who died in Iraq...

Every day I get a report in my email that shows me how many hits and visitors the site got, a projection of traffic for the month, number of requests per second, and, most importantly, the URLs of the referring sites. This way I can tell where the traffic is coming from. Often this leads me to other amusing sites where our articles or the site are discussed-- sometimes in a flattering way, and sometimes not.
Please forgive me if this article gets too technical. I unfortunately cannot present this evidence without going into a bit of technobabble.

When a particular subject is newsworthy, I expect to see it in the search criteria in URLs from Google, Yahoo and MSN search. Typically I'll see a handful of these. But never in the history of this site have I seen the like of the searches being done for Cindy Sheehan. Yesterday alone, more than 200 people came here after they searched for Cindy Sheehan on MSN and over 100 from Google. This is unusual in itself, because it's far more common to see more hits from Google than from MSN. Only 3 searches came from Yahoo. At the time of this writing, at least another 60 have come from MSN and 18 from Google. Trust me when I say that this quantity of search engine hits for one particular newsworthy subject is unprecedented. I've been watching this report every day for the last 5 years. Nobody knows its patterns better than me.

Another thing that I noticed is that for every trolling/republican-talking-point post on the Cindy Sheehan Won't Back Down article (except for "skippy" who turned up 3 days before the flood of talking-points parrots), when I check the web server logs, the first entry for the poster's IP address comes from MSN's search, and in every case the search key is "cindy sheehan" in all-lowercase. I checked, and verified that if you capitalize her name, it shows up with the same capitalization in the referrer URL.

My hypothesis, which I can't prove, is that there is an organized shill campaign coming from the Republican smear machine seeking to do everything they can to besmirch Cindy Sheehan. I think they are out there on the Internets looking for sites like this one where they can post the Republican talking points. It's blog shill-spamming. Maybe we could call it "shamming" for short.

Notice how similar each of these posts seems to the others:


Each of these posters arrived here through the same MSN search, each launched directly into a smear of Sheehan, and each apparently didn't notice that several of the shammers before them had already said many of the same things from the list of talking points.
Based on my intuition and my familiarity with the typical usage patterns on this site, I believe there is an organized "smear Cindy Sheehan on blog sites" campaign underway. I could be wrong and this could all be an enormous coincidence, but I don't think that's the case.

This is how they support the troops and their families. By going to great lengths to attack a woman who has lost her son to an unjustified war. (And if anyone still thinks the war was justified, I have some swampland in Florida and a nice bridge in the northeast to sell you!) I guess they only support the troops and their families as long as they toe the Republican party line. Step out of line and question the President and his motives and they'll stop at nothing.



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You have verified my suspicions... It does seem odd that the right wing is blogging so heavily on the sites covering Cindy...and their opinions are so mean... She must be scaring somebody... I have yet to see anyone stand up so well against the onslaught of these people... She has tremendous support from the people who have longed for a voice.

I agree. Before the presidential elections you could google certain key words and come up with dozens of right-wing attack stories, all carrying the same talking points, all launched on the same day. This is exactly what is going on.

My favorite was "John F Kerry" There were two pages of attacks of how liberals were promoting the "F" in Kerry to assosciate his name with John F Kerry. I read every story that day on Google for John F Kerry. EVERY one was a right-wing attack article. Not one use of the John F Kerry name came up in a liberal or pro-kerry site. It was all organised propaganda.

I launched an anti-bigotry site and the second my referrer link shows up in some right-wing supremecist site that I referred to I got 9 comments calling me a bum and a traitor. Then nothing. The pattern of hits, all in a short period, is an indication of attack.

Save the raw logs. Look at the originating IP adresses. Look them up in reverse DNS search engines. See where they came from.

YOU ARE RIGHT. This is part of an organised smear campaign.

So maybe it's time those of us on the left started posting the truth on the right wing blogs.

way ahead of you on that... but it's usually useless... many rightwing sites i have encountered censor/ or filter any comment... within one night of about 3 posts on a rightwing bolg site I found myself banned from posting. I could understadn this banning had I been rude, but i wasn't in the least.. however I was responded to in a very rude manor within minutes of mentioning the dowing street memos. To me, name calling seems to be quite a prevelant practice when dealing with facts one has no way to counter. My suspisions were confirmed, without identifiying my political views or party affilation(indipendent if you happen to care). I was called every thing from stupid liberal.. to just flat out loser... along with people suggesting I was obviously a democrate and just a sore loser becasue bush defeated kerry... trust me I was upset at the prospect of bush for 4 more years, but my dislike for bush came from well before I had even hear dthe name john kerry, and I am not a democrate... So a little advise for anyone attempting to bring the truth to conservative blogs... The mentality there is much like highschool... there is a lot of name calling, slews of advertisemnets for ideas and techniques specificaly crafted for conservatives to employ to, "piss off liberals". and not a whole lot of anything else...

if only they realized that the truth shall set them FREE !

No, No! The TRUTH will wreck the gravy train!

Amen, Brothers and Sisters

No, No! The TRUTH will wreck the gravy train!

I never have understood folks who at all cost follow anything or anybody without question. It really is pathetic to think so many on cable go to that list rather than think for themselves.

I guess for the media such as those on Fox it comes down to money.
Would that me selling yourself?

You know, there comes a point where the bahavior of these trollers is no longer strategy. There comes a point where the evidence is so clear and defined that to ignore it and to promote the other side becomes a act against the needs of the nation. These trollers think it's a game. It isn't. It's the military personal over in Iraq who are in danger and the country of Iraq that is being obliterated. I don't think these trollers get it. I don't think they see the seriousness of the actions. Cindy Sheehan is an object to them. They don't understand that she is a human being to us and her son was a human being to her.

Name-calling is one of the 14 identifying characteristics of fascism...

It would be fascinating to know just how formal the rightwing backlash is organized. Is it a hierarchy? Is it top-down? Who's organizing this? Do they really think they're going to change any minds? What's the objective of their efforts?

Enquiring minds want to know...

David, are you previewing these comments before they get posted? I just posted a comment and it didn't show up. I posted again, cause I thought maybe I hadn't pressed the post button, but again it didn't show up. I've been seeing duplicate and triplicate entries all day. Glitch? or Preview?

It is becuase of the sever load that the servers of this site are under. Since there are so many people that go to this site, the servers have to slow down the connections to try to have as many people on at once as possible. So it slows down the response time of everything.

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