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Oklahomans Join Peace Vigil outside Bush's TX Ranch

KTEN Channel 10

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - At least five Oklahomans have joined a growing peace vigil outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

What started Saturday as a California woman's solo demonstration has swelled to encampment of at least 50 supporters.

Serena Blaiz of Oklahoma City says the crowd might number 100, but that it's hard to tell the peace activists from the media.

Melissa Rabe of Blanchard says she came to support Cindy Sheehan, the California mother whose son was killed in Iraq last year.

The Peace House of Oklahoma City says other Oklahomans at the vigil are Peggy Johnson of Lexington and the Reverend Kathy McCallie of Oklahoma City, whose son has orders to go to Iraq this fall.

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Dear Mrs. Sheehan, I'm so sorry you lost your son, and thank you for standing up to a corrupt administration that continues to take people's sons, husbands, daughters and wives. Bravo to you!!

It's not like they haven't done this before
Let's see
John Kerry, John McCain, Max Clelland, Richard Clarke, Richard Foster, Paul O' Neill, Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife, Cindy Sheehan and how about Bush ignoring letters from Congressmwn 122 of them, I believe and 560,000 of citizens he supposed to represent

It's Big Brother POOF You are vaporized!

Your quiet strength is turning the tide at long last. Thank you for helping focus attention on our uncaring president and what he is doing to our country. Please read Edgar Lawrence Doctorow's essey on Bush and this war. Please do a web search for " the unfeeling president" Docorow's words are incredibly powerful

I think the matter needs to go further. Impeach Bush and his cronies for war crimes against the invaded nation of Iraq. Bring our troops home and have them stay here. No invading Iran, next on the Bush agenda. Get a decent ethical man or woman in the White House not these warmongers that have been in since 2000.
Another comment is get the women out of combat and out of Iraq or other countries where they are in danger. They get no combat pay for dying like the men. I would not recommend any woman go into the military. I support Ms. Sheenan

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