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Today one of the major Italian newspapers (La Repubblica) published an article on Cindy's story.
Fot those that may be interested (and can read Italian language!) here's the link:

Hey, where were all of you whining, liberal peace activists when Clinton had us in Somalia? Why is it okay for a Democratic president to use this nation's military for a damned "meals on wheels" mission? Sorry, no double standards.

Everyone has free speech in this country, so say what you will, but please use accurate facts when spouting off. George Herbert Walker Bush got us into Somalia on the "meals on wheels" mission as you say. It was Clinton who got us out.

Are you actually comparing the mission in Somalia with the "shock and awe" invasion and occupation of Iraq? Are you pro-Bush war idiots really as totally ignorant as you appear to the rest of the world?

it was George H. W. Bush who put us in Somalia...

I was against this war from the very first thought of it... so was that ultra-liberal Pat Buchanan... and remarkably for the same reasons...

There used to be a time when the Republican party stood for peace, not war... times have changed...

oh, and didn't Dubya promise in the 2000 campaign that there would be no nation building on his watch????

my brother has 3 sons between 18 and 23... i wouldn't want any of them to die so an Iraqi can have the right to vote...

but don't let the facts confuse you... i hear the military is looking for a few good men... you oughta check it out...

and before you fire back... 11B4PR 1971-75...

Though clearly somalia wasn't clintons doing, you raise a good point... I agree, no double standards... So, where are you now on impeaching bush for lieing to congress and the american people... I'm sure you were all over clinton's impeachment for lieing... clearly bushes lie was far more detremental to our country and our nations security.. Lets practice what we preach here....

Our "conservative" (if that is what you call someone who is bankrupting your country) commentator does need to call for a full investigation into the possibility that Bush lied to the American people about the need for war. Certainly if lying about sex it bad, lying about the need for war is worse.

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