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Congresswoman Waters to Travel to Crawford, Texas to lend Support to Grieving Mother

Contact: Mikael Moore (202) 225-2201

Los Angeles, CA - This weekend, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35) will travel to Crawford, Texas to lend her support to Ms. Cindy Sheehan who is attempting to meet with President George W. Bush during his month long vacation at his ranch. Ms. Sheehan's son, Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, was killed in Baghdad on April 4, 2004, less than a week after arriving in Iraq. Ms. Sheehan wants to meet with the President to ask him why her son died and to voice her concerns about the war in Iraq.

Congresswoman Waters will bring books, food and other supplies with her to help sustain Ms. Sheehan during her time in Crawford.

"I am traveling to Texas this weekend to support Ms. Sheehan and her efforts to meet with the President," said Congresswoman Waters. "I have met with Ms. Sheehan in my Washington, DC office and found her to be a wonderful and kind person. She is a grieving mother, who has lost her son, and deserves the respect and admiration of all Americans."

"Ms. Sheehan is very brave and should be commended for her trying to get the President to answer two very simple questions: 'Why are we in Iraq?' And, 'Why did her son have to die?' The President has not offered satisfactory answers to either of these questions. Unfortunately, there appears to be no end in sight to our involvement in Iraq and American soldiers continue to die each day in Iraq because of his decision to go to war."

"Earlier this week, I sent a letter to the President, which was cosigned by 37 Members of Congress, urging the President to meet with Ms. Sheehan. That letter has apparently fallen on deaf ears, so I am traveling to Texas to join Ms. Sheehan's vigil. I hope that the President will reconsider his position and agree to meet with Ms. Sheehan. I also hope that all Members of Congress will meet with the families of fallen soldiers if they are asked. Spending a few minutes with these families is the least we can do to honor their sacrifice."

Congresswoman Waters is a Founder and Chair of the 'Out of Iraq' Congressional Caucus. The Caucus was formed to pressure the Administration into developing a plan that would conclude our involvement in Iraq. The 'Out of Iraq' Congressional Caucus has 64 members.

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Hugs to you both. Wish I could be there too.

Thank you for being one of our voices in congress.


Thank you Ms. Maxine Waters for being courageous and going out to Crawford Texas. We need more of our leaders in other states, both national and state leaders, to go give Cindy Sheehan their support. It is time to unite and start healing. What Cindy started from her heart is growing, and healing. We need to get together all united.

Last night I blogged and I wrote what is bellow, and with your permission I copied and pasted it: "The voice in the wilderness is Cindy Sheehan. Senators and Congressmen your presence in Crawford Texas would be greatly appreciated. Giving your support with your presence to Cindy Sheehan is the sign of leaders who really care for the truth about Karl Rove, the truth about the Downing Street Minutes. An action like that from you, our representatives, Senators and Congressman, is the healing we need to have. An action like this is the sign of loving and standing up for what this country was founded on. You will show us that your patriotism goes beyond being Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, Socialist and others. We need to see you together as true patriots givng Cindy Sheehan united support."

How much longer will women agree to sacrifice their children for the
"Grand Dreams" and "Big Lies" of the Little Caesars?

How much longer will the children tolerate the insane behavior
of the "Important Grown Ups" that crown themselves "More Important
than Thou?"

The Emperor has no clothes.


Then try the entire PNAC NEO-CON CIA/AIPAC/MI5 cabal for war crimes,
crimes against humanity AND treason!!!

(Don't forget what these same guys have done to Africa!!! AIDS
was US made!!!)

The time has come for unity--supporting the American way/democratic principlals. The percentage of citizens who believe that our superior military power should NOT be used to bomb Iraq into a democratic state has passed the 50% point. Time to admit it's the wrong method. Time for healing in America and in Iraq. I'm with Cindy Sheehan in spirit.

If you're going to Texas, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair . . .

. . . and have your facts straight. You have some desperate NEO CON wolves in reporter's clothing prowling about. Right now they are
grasping for ANYTHING to divert attention away from this and/or
descrediting ANYONE involved.

At the request of the great folks at "What Really Happened"
( here is some really good reference
material on the Machiavellian Playbook History on War Deceptions,

For you "Newbies" to After Downing Street, it will also give you
a quick run down on why the people on this forum are so pissed
off and really want a small group of PNAC NEO CONs held accountable
for what is quickly becoming the "Crime of the Century."

(To all the Newbies - WELCOME!!! You are going to learn things on
this forum that will give you "Marty Feldman Eyes!!" and having
you writing your first ever letters to newspaper editors wanting
to know why all this shit was going on and they filled their
papers with Tom Cruise, Aruba, Michael Jackson and Shark Attacks.

You might even get so mad as to call old "what's his/her name" that won the election last time and give them an ear-full of why you had better not find out that they are mixed up in all of this!!!)

If you can, print out copies of this and hand them out both in
Texas. If you can't make it to Texas, hand them out to people that
ask you "Who the Hell is Cynthia Sheehan, WHAT is a Downing
Street Memo and what does Karl Rove and BushCo have to do with
ANY of it????"

Other sites you may want to check out and monitor are: (yeah, that Alex Jones guy) (yeah, the guy that did Fahrenheit 911)

The main thing is to look at as much data as you can and learn
to use your OWN judgment rather than looking at the "official story"
of what's going on. Several of us here feel that there has been
an intentional media "black out" of the facts around all of this.
In other words, THIS IS BIG!!! REALLY BIG!!! (Like, Nixon and Watergate is a "booger" compared to this)

To all the "old school" folks that have been on here from the
beginning after the CSPAN-3 broadcasts, KEEP ON ROCKING!!!
Don't ease up one bit!!!

To all the "Newbies", Welcome and Thank You for opeing your eyes!!!
Now . . . get to work!!!


Thank you Cindy and Congresswoman Waters for your courage.
I saw you both on CSPAN coverage of Sen Conyers inquiry into DSM with Cindy and Joe Wilson, Ray McGovern and John Bonifaz I ask people to please go to and sign his petition requesting a formal congressional investigation into the circumstances that took us to war.
Thank you both for standing up to a very powerful group of people who are hurting our country. Heartbreak can motivate positive action for change. Truth is powerful. Millions are listening. WE are united.
When the people lead the leaders follow.

I really enjoyed watching you trying to get heard on the PATRIOT Act that day on the floor of the House, and all the many other things you and a few other members are always busy at. Too bad there aren't more like you. Take care of yourself down there in Texas, and when you get back to DC, maybe you and others in the Caucus can keep all of this in front of the House in those one-minute speaches they do.

R Ap

Congresswoman Waters -- We love you. We wish there were more like you and less like Delay in the Congress. If we could just get enough to unfund the war and the "enduring bases" translated unending occupation, we could bring our children home and work on sustainable energy and honest politics in America. I thank you for what you are doing.

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