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Going to Crawford: In Solidarity With Cindy Sheehan

By Congressman Dennis Kucinich

The vigil of Cindy Sheehan and those supporting her outside President Bush's ranch in Texas continues.

If you are in Texas or wish to travel there to join Cindy and others in the vigil, contact the Crawford Peace House for advice and directions. If people at the Peace House are overwhelmed and you can't reach them, go anyway (directions are on their Web site) and plan to stop there on your way in.

Supplies needed include food and water, coffee, first aid kits, tarps/canopies, tents, tables, batteries, flashlights, wet wipes, materials to make and hang banners and signs, nails & tools, bug spray, ice and ice chests, ladders, and car lighter adapters for electric appliances.

Crawford is about 20 miles from Waco, TX - about two hours south of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

The Lone Star Iconoclast has updated reports and many pictures from on the ground in Crawford.

At we have a discussion forum about the Crawford vigil.

In Crawford and around the world we bear witness to President Bush's response to Cindy's simple request for dialogue about the very personal, human cost of the war in Iraq. From our hearts we reach out to every family who has lost a loved one, or whose child, partner, sister or brother serves in Iraq. We are all in this together. No one is untouched by this war.

Team Kucinich

Watch for updates.

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It is understandable that this woman is upset about her son,but she is dishonoring his memory and she is an embarrassment to the country. her son was not conscripted into the army,he joined voluntarily. He served and honored his country; why can't she do the same? You people are a disgrace and the President won't be swayed by a group of loudmouthed leftists who are piggybacking on this misguided woman's cause in order to spew more America-hating venom.

We must stay the course in Iraq.

Although I haven't yet said exactly what that course is, let me first thank all you lemmings who repeat
all my talking points without even thinking about them. The course was originally "preemptive strike"
to take out a "grave and gathering danger". When that line lost credibility, it was WMDs. That tale
didn't last much longer, so we morphed it into "regime change" and "spreading democracy throughout the
Middle East". I amazed that so many have followed it this far. I must have misunderestimated everyone's

Let me come clean with you, and tell you the real course we're on. It has several
important components. The first and most obvious is oil. We'll be divvying up the oil fields for
well-connected corporations. That's why it was critical for the details of Penis Cheney's Energy
Task Force to remain secret -- they included our plans to snatch Iraq's oil.

The second component is money and profiteering. You see, we knew that Congress would roll over and
approve whatever funds we requested for the war effort. And that money goes to Halliburton, Bechtel,
Lockheed-Martin, companies that comprise the Carlisle group, and so on. These companies have nice fat
profit margins, and take a guess whose political campaigns they sponsor.

Furthermore, it's darn near impossible to audit a war. So if money is secretly reallocated from the
war in Afghanistan to the war in Iraq, what difference does it really make? And although the Coalition
Provisional Authority can't account for several billion dollars, rest assured, that money is in safe
hands. And going towards important projects, like "Operation Bribe the Mainstream Media", to legal
defense funds for Rove, DeLay, Diebold and other vote-suppressors. And there's still some left for
false flag operations ... oops, I've said too much already.

The last component is permanent military bases in Iraq. That's a tricky situation. We have to be "guests"
of the local government, which is automatic when it's the CPA. But it would never work if the Iraqis had
a truly independent government. So we need to set up and prop up a puppet regime. We can't defeat the
insurgency outright, because then our troops wouldn't be needed to provide security. So we've got to
keep the insurgency alive, while making a token effort to put it down. The show in Abu Graibh was part
of this, to inflame the insurgents!

To those of you who think we shouldn't have military bases in Iraq, and that trying to throw our
influence around in the Middle East is a mistake -- well you're wrong. You may think it was a mistake to
support Saddam's regime in the 80's, and the same with bin Laden and the mujahdeen. But you're wrong.
We used them, and now we took them out. So it cost several hundred billion dollars. Look at the profits
Halliburton put up! That's capitalism at its finest!

To those who want us to bring the troops home, I offer a compromise: we'll bring some of them home.
In HRPs, that is. You see, my children and relatives aren't over there putting their lives on the line.
If you're not in the super-wealthy class, then you exist only to support our luxurious lifestyle.
So there!

Now if you'll excuse me, I must get going. There's trouble brewing in Iran and I've got to go stoke
that fire!


If this wasn't so true it could be funny. Thanks!

Whoever you are- why aren't you in Iraq? You seem to have time to blast Cindy - You're just sitting there making judgements against this woman WHO LOST HER SON DUE TO A MAVERICKS WAR. Get a clue.

Hey moron, look at the post and thoroughly read it......IT'S A SATIRICAL ENTRY! What a twit....

Only idiots can write trash like this. Look, Dip Wad, why do you think people join the military? Do you REALLY think their purpose is to fight for their country? If so, you really are warped. Have you ever thought of bettering your life, getting an education and developing a trade or new skill...while at the same time serving your country? Cindy IS serving her country by waking up dumb shits like you!

Go, Dennis! That's my Congressman of whom I am extremely proud!

9-11 a lie!

Iraq War a lie!

Two stolen elections, 2000 and 2004!!

It's time to demand that the fictitious resident, Bush, step down and inaugurate the REAL Honorable President of the United States, ALBERT GORE.

Cindy, you are in our hearts and prayers!

Go, Dennis! That's my Congressman of whom I am extremely proud!

9-11 a lie!

Iraq War a lie!

Two stolen elections, 2000 and 2004!!

It's time to demand that the fictitious resident, Bush, step down and inaugurate the REAL Honorable President of the United States, ALBERT GORE.

Cindy, you are in our hearts and prayers!

Where were all of you whining, liberal peace activists when your darling President Clinton sent our nation's youth to Somalia on a stupid ass "meals on wheels" mission? Why didn't I hear a public uproar from you dumbasses then? Sorry, there can be NO double standards.

There is no law that you couldn't have protested the Somalia mission...don't use that as fodder to downplay a war that has been going on for over two years... run by incompetents who have not shown they are capable of completing this job... people have been very patient...
It is time to bring in someone that can do the is proven these guys can't... Wake Up...this is not a political issue...this is an American is our country not the Republican or Democrat elites... Our foreign policy is in shatters, our deficit exploding, gas prices rising...and I could go on... They have their tax breaks, oil and war profits to cushion them...most Americans have debt... We are paying for this incompetence and will be hit harder the longer it goes on...While Bush and Cheney run around to fundraisers, 5 week vacations etc all on our dollar... Clinton backs Bush all the way...
No it is not a party is a class line... The elitists need to tell the citizens and the Iraqis... Why we should continue to support this incompetence? BESIDES IT WAS BUSH SR THAT GOT US INTO THE SOMALIA MESS< CLINON INHERITED IT> At least keep the facts straight if you want to make it a political issue and not a competency issue.

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