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Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President:

Although you will never get this email, and the contents will never be known to you, Sir, I must tell you how I feel:

Sir, I am an Air Force Vet, peace time service only, but still a TRUE BLUE LOYAL PATRIOT AMERICAN! I am not even Republican, but I support and believe in the Commander in Chief of the United States Military. I support and believe in the war and the efforts in Iraq. I support the US Forces. My husband is a retired Army Vet who served in GW-1.

Sir, Meet with Cindy Sheehan. She gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country, her son.

Mr. President, I am a Mother. I don't know how I could move on and grieve if I lost one of my sons, in this war or the next, or in any way. Children are not supposed to die before their parents.

This young man enlisted in the military, He believed in what he was doing and what he died for.

An American Hero.

As the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military it is your duty and your HONOR to meet with the mother of this fallen solider. You don't have to debate her or state your position. Just hear her words, let her express her pain.

Even if you have to take a slap in the face, Sir, you have the biggest shoulders in all of America. Stand Tall, Stand Proud, and face this mother and her grief. Show those who oppose you or challenge you that YOU ARE President Bush, Commander in Chief of the U.S. military. You owe it to this solider and all soldiers to meet with this grieving Mother.

It doesn't have to be on camera or recorded; it doesn't have to be formal. Please, Sir, you and the 1st lady meet with this mother; do it for her son who gave his life for you and me and our Country.

LA Cook
Red Wing, MN

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A person with true courage would have already met with Cindy Sheehan this week and should not have to be shamed into having (or in this case probably faking) courage to go meet someone who is unarmed. I wonder if Cheney will be holding Bush's hand like he did before the 9/11 Commission.

Integrity and courage come from within not from being pushed into an encounter.

UNARMED? I don't know why President Bush hasn't met with Cindy Sheehan, I wish he would. She is owed that, she gave a great gift to this country. I myself, I would be apprehensive about meeting with her myself. Can't fix it, can't make it better, can't bring her son back. Pretty scary stuff, no matter who you are.

There is no reason or excuse NOT for the President to meet with this grieving mother. I just know I wouldnt want the job, but if I had to I would find the strenght some how to do what is right, and I pray President Bush does too.

LA Cook

I certainly hope not.

At the moment, the shoulders of those camped outside his ranch look much larger to me.

You said it exactly right.

Cindy stands head and shoulders above the coward-in-chief.

Disrespecting the office of the Commander and Chief of the United States Military, is DESRESPECTING THE UNITED STATES MILITARY! All of the men and women who enlisted in the Military, both honor and respect the office and command of the Commander and Chief. Now they may not agree with his views or his actions, which is thier right, but never would a solider, airman, or seaman, disrepect thier Commander and Chief, nor would they be happy or appericate or even understand one who does. It would be considered a personal attack on what they stand for and what they are doing. So why do you feel it is ok for you to name call the Highest Ranking Office in the US Military?

LA Cook

I don't understand what gives you the right? You are not an American. President Bush is not Commander and Chief of your Countries Military. Do you see me attacking your Country and it's leaders and beliefs?

LA Cook

I got news for ya, bud. When your country's "leadership" sets itself above and apart from all civilised norms for international behaviour and invades other sovereign nations in contravention of U.N. charter provisions to which it subscribed and holds others accountable, it's a worldwide concern. And if you don't think Canada's leaders and beliefs have been attacked by Americans, I guess you're unaware of or have forgotten the insults to Canada from Bush's ambassador (among others) when we refused to participate in his "shock and awe" slaughter of innocent Iraqis.

Or maybe you're one of those who believe that the civilised world stops at the U.S. border and that non-Americans have no rights whatsoever.

I mentioned in my letter I was a Mother. That means FEMALE in American. I am not a "bud". Nor am I your "bud", you attack my Country, my beliefs, and my Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces.

If NON-Americans had no rights, why would be in Iraq? That is just so absurd.

Maybe you been smoking a little to much of your "bud".

LA Cook

Good For you, Cindy

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