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News From Crawford Peace House

From: "Debbie Russell"

Spread about Cindy in Statesman today:

Add to yesterday's email about carpooling/caravanning from Austin Sat.
morning that another caravan will leave the SAME LOCATION at 9am for those
who aren't the early birds. :)

I just received a call from Lisa F. that there are rightwingers organizing
to converge to counter - aiming to get there TODAY by 6pm via bus(es).
Between that and the fundraiser/party tonite--which is actualy NOT at the
ranch, but at a neighbors ranch nearby, meaning they will have to drive by
the vigilers and the hundreds of crosses they've set up on the roadside
--things will get heated tonite and all experienced
protestors/peacekeepers/legal observers are needed.


PS: note below: add to the list of things to bring is VEGETARIAN food for
Cindy! Maybe a veggie rest. in town would donate some stuff to the cause -
like Casa de Luz or the like...

Report last night from Abbe:

Greetings to all! It is midnight Thursday. Robert and I have just returned
from Crawford. When we were there last Monday-3 days ago, there were about
20 people and a small encampment. There were media calls coming in fast and
furious. It was a quiet yet determined small group of supporters.

Today there were over 75 cars and over 150 people from all over the country
who came in to support Cindy Sheehan. All had stories of hearing about Cindy
on the news, dropping everything they were doing, getting in the car and
coming to Crawford to support Cindy and meet her. People were arriving
continuously streaming in to come help from all over the country
One couple drove in from Los Angeles. They brought white crosses. They lined
up the crosses 3 deep on one side of the county road leading to the Bush
ranch. The crosses are set in the ground for over a quarter of a mile. It
was a gut wrenching sad sight to see these crosses lining the road. As far
as you could see there is nothing but open grassy fields-cow pasture and
blue sky. The crosses stand out alone against the open sky.

There were constant comments from on-lookers wondering how George W Bush
sleeps at night as he flies over in his helicopter looking down at these
crosses. He has flown over several times in the Air Force One helicopter.
Volunteers were busy placing the names of the fallen soldiers who lost their
lives in Iraq on the crosses. A sad and solemn task that was not completed
when we left at 9:30pm tonight.

Condi Rice and Rumsfeld arrived at the ranch today. Rumor has it that George
W's entourage will finally have to drive by the encampment tomorrow. So far
he has been flying in and out and has not used the county road.There is
alledgedly a neighbor hosting a fundraiser party for Bush tomorrow. We saw
catering trucks arriving at the Broken Spoke Ranch today where the event is
being held. The Broken Spoke Ranch is only half a mile away and in view of
the Sheehan encampment. If they leave the ranch by car they will have to
drive by the crosses and encampment to get to the party.

Today I quickly went to work helping return media calls. There are 4 people
now assisting with this and scheduling interviews for Cindy and the other
parents of fallen soldiers who have arrived to help.We were receiving calls
from all over the country and world. I met a reporter emailing a report to

Cameras from MSNBC, People magazine and, CNN, to name a few.TV, newspapers,
radio station calls were pouring in. For every call I took
4-5 calls would come in while I was on that call.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference sent in a minister today to
assess the situation to see what they could do to help. He gave a sermon on
the importance of non-violence and said some very inspirational things. SCLC
will possibly be sending in more help and representatives from their
organization the minister told me tonight.

The level this action that Cindy Sheehan started from an idea she had last
Saturday has gathered momentum exponentially and is truly explosive and
miraculous. In my opinion she is giving voice to the outrage,frustration and
upset many Americans feel about this war and all the actions and policies
the Bush administration has instituted against the will of the majority of
the American people.

What I saw today were people from every walk of life, age and race. They all
care deeply for their country and are upset about the direction this
president has taken us in. All were there to help, to do something, anything
to stop this war and bring our troops safely home. The opinions and
observations I have expressed in this account are mine only. I do not
represent Cindy Sheehan or anyone else. After visiting and talking with the
folks who showed up in Crawford this is what I came home with. I only wish I
could do more.

All we are missing out there for now is someone to cook vegeterian meals for
Cindy, AND for Bush to have the guts to walk out his gate and talk to Cindy.

COME TO CRAWFORD! The sheriff's department has been very kind and
accomodating. People are lined up and and camped up and down the road. They
have brought tents,chairs, shade, love and support. COME TO CRAWFORD!
There will be a rally on Saturday, and a prayer event on Sunday.
It is a very humbling and inspirational experience to go to Crawford and
witness what is going on. Bring your friends, neighbors and kids. COME TO

Be creative. Please write letters of support to your newspapers and media
outlets. Talk about this to everyone. Take 5 minutes a day to take action in

Abbe Waldman DeLozier-


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