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News coverage of One Man Parade

This was submitted to Indy Media with some errata, so I touched it up and tried to have an edited version put up, but the staff at IndyMedia is pretty unresponsive to its users, so the edited version below didn't make it on the site. The edited version doesn't have the active link for the audio of the interview, so you have to go to the site for that.

At the link above, there are several pictures of K and I with our signs.

I videotaped these interviews on the corner of SE Madison and Grand, where Styve and Kathy were standing with their signs encouraging motorists to stand up for impeachment. Styve, who has "been protesting Bush since before he was selected by the Supreme Court after the election of 2000," gives a brief synopsis of the process which led him to his present stand, and both Styve and Kathy give their reasons why Bush deserves/needs to be impeached. Among them, lying us into war against Iraq, the warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, and the torture of prisoners in the "War on Terror", etc., that in any sane society, should give the population and their legislators cause to indict.

"What I started doing this for was to raise some political awareness of the danger Bush poses to our democracy, to try to motivate people to say, "DAMN!, if this guy cares this much, that he's doing this to and from work daily, why aren't I doing something to voice my anger?"

Styve also makes a plea for folks to contact all members of the Portland City Council concerning an Impeachment Resolution which has been on their desks since May. According to Styve, two commissioners are already on board, Sten and Adams, but neither wish to be the one to sponsor this to the Council. They all, including Mayor Potter, need to hear from their constituents emphasizing the necessity that we stand up to the current administration and their attack on Democracy.

He speaks about the Jefferson's Manual avenue of Impeachment, which basically "provides for rules of Parliamentary procedure for the House of Representatives, that outline ways for states and localities to initiate certain federal actions, by local initiative, one of which is the impeachment of the President and the Administration. Jefferson's Manual allows for cities and states to pass Resolutions of impeachment, and then to properly submit it to the House of Representatives, where it will be 'granted privilege,' meaning it supersedes other House business."

Kathy says, "I'd like to see our Democracy and our traditional American values preserved, and they are all in jeopardy because of the Bush Administration. I think Bush has been a failure; he's created a deficit to enrich his corporate buddies..." She gives particular emphasis to Bush's sending "our troops undermanned and under-equipped into Iraq and then cutting the VA budget. To support the troops, we need to impeach him!"

This interview was taped to play on the Community Television program, "A Growing Concern," airing live on Friday evening, September 15, 2006, soon after 7:00 pm. Replay times for the program are Sunday, September 17, at 10:00 pm on channel 23 and again on Thursday, September 21 at 10:00 pm on channel 22.

The audio file is the audio portion of that interview.


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