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Media from all over the world flock to Crawford

KXXV TV News Channel 25
Waco, Temple, Killeen & Central Texas

A California mother's war protest has gained the attention of the president. Cindy Sheehan has been camped near the Crawford Ranch since Saturday and she has gathered about 50 supporters.
Sheehan's oldest son, Casey was killed last year, five days after he arrived in Iraq. Now, she and other Gold Star families, who have lost someone in battle, demand a meeting with the president.

"We deserve this meeting with George Bush. I expect him to do the right thing," Sheehan said.

Sheehan now has the attention of the President and he responded to the protest today. President Bush says he understands and respects their views but leaving Iraq now would send a terrible signal to the enemy.

"Immediate withdrawl would say to the Zarkwais, terrorists and bombers of the world who take innocent life the U.S. is weak and all we have to do is intimidate and they'll leave," President Bush said.

The President says Sheehan and the other anti-war families have every right in the world to say what they believe because this is America.

Media from all over the country has been flocking around Sheehan in Crawford. Everywhere Sheehan walks, she is followed by at least one photographer who is pushing another out of the way, trying to get the best shot of her.

News organizations from all over the world are in Crawford, and some have been following Sheehan for months.

One reporter, Shingo Egi, is from a Japanese newspaper. He says readers have become more interested in the anti-war movements since more Japanese troops started dying in Iraq.

The national and international media members are staying in Central Texas while Sheehan continues her protest, so they try to talk to a lot of the Crawford residents.

The residents of Crawford are trying to do their best to avoid the protestors, or rabble-rousers, as they called them.

THe media isn't expected to leave Crawford until Sheehan does, but she says she won't leave until President Bush does, and he's scheduled to stay at his ranch until the end of the month.



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