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A Time for Moral Outrage

Republicans for Humility
By William Frey, M. D.

The willingness of far too Americans to patiently accept the rationale of Administration talking points through every twist and turn, through every flip-flop, through the every Presidential renunciation of previously sacred American civic principles, may at long last be coming to an end.

29 months after the invasion of Iraq in March, 2003, the pretext given to the American people and to Congress for invading Iraq has yet to be substantiated.

Nonetheless, intelligence we now know to be less than accurate was utilized both to obtain public support and Congressional authorization for the use of military force, a decision that only Congress has the legal authority to make.

Increasingly, Americans do not approve. 63% of Americans believe we were too quick to go to war. 59% say the war is not worth the loss of American life and other costs. 51% of the American people now believe the President intentionally misled Americans in the period preceding the war. 48% of adult Americans now believe the President to be “honest


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Well said and appropiate. My thoughts exactly. Bushco's aim is to own Iraq and their oil then go after Iran and their oil and Syria and on and on he goes, devil be damned

Why are we sending more troops to Iraq when Rummy says we will be pulling out, think about it. It could be that there will not be any pulling out because Bush wants to occupy the country, lets not be decieved by his lies. Wake up America to these facts, one big one is he does not really care how many people are sacrificed for his ambition as long as he gets his way!

Don't forget to link BushCo. with Project for a New American Century. This group needs to be "outed".
It is the shadow group currently running our country into the ground......the group that never ran openly for "president" in a democratic manner, but hid within the empty shell of the old Republican Party.

Pass it on to anyone who will list.

Yes , the American people and the international community needs to be informed. Ignorance is NOT bliss.
The PNAC must be "OUTED". They must be shutdown and stopped before they murder millions. They are the Nazi Party of our century.

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