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Listen to Sirota, Zogby & DCCC Debate the Iraq War on NPR

By David Sirota

Permit me to engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion, but I thought folks would be interested in the debate I just had with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on National Public Radio over America's Iraq policy. Also appearing in the roundtable was pollster John Zogby; Dante Zappalla, the brother of a National Guardsmen killed in Iraq; and Andrew McCarthy, an archconservative from the so-called Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (a group set up to advocate for war in Iraq). Go to and listen to the debate at:

I found a few things interesting/nauseating. First, as I wrote about earlier with regard to the DCCC's attitude toward the Paul Hackett race in Ohio, the Democratic Party as an institution really seems afraid to address the Iraq War at all, which is not only sad, but, as Zogby notes, is politically stupid. Second, the right-wingers like McCarthy who pushed deliberate lies that justified this war in the first place are resorting to claiming that Iraq is an extension of the War on Terror, coming once again very close to claiming that Saddam Hussein's Iraq had something to do with 9/11 and al Qaeda - claims that have been repeatedly debunked.

Both positions are really pathetic. On one side, you have the Democratic Party still afraid of its own shadow on Iraq. On the other side you have conservatives so desperate to hide their lies and their disastrous Iraq policy, they are resorting to already-debunked lies. The result is that the majority of Americans who believe the Iraq War made this country less safe and want an exit strategy are being ignored by an ever-more insulated and out-of-touch political Establishment that purports to speak in our country's name.

My previous post on how the DCCC wants to ignore Iraq:
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Iraq-Al Qaeda pre-war ties repeatedly debunked:
Polls show Americans believe the Iraq War made our country less safe:
Majority of Americans want an exit strategy from Iraq:




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